What is the most beautiful country in the world? science answers

What is the most beautiful country in the world?  science answers

Science answers a question that many ask themselves: What is the most beautiful country in the world? The study reveals a ranking of the 10 most beautiful places to see and even the best time to visit them


telegraph travel He conducted research that answered the curiosity of many about The most beautiful country in the world. He made one classification From 10 no less amazing places and enrich them by explaining the best time to travel and visit them.

Obviously, to think of a more or less beautiful place is still a personal choice: every corner of the planet has its own wonderful, unique and special aspects. What Telegraph Travel did was try to give one objective answercontinue studying with a scientific method. It was based on criteria such as landscapes, biodiversity, tourist attractions, historical monuments, and natural spaces. Therefore, countries were also evaluated on the basis of the presence of mountains, parks, deserts, animal and plant species, and even natural phenomena such as Northern lights.

The most beautiful country in the world: the answer to science

The most beautiful country in the world

to me 10th place there is the Peru. It has achieved this feat thanks to its biodiversity combined with great natural attractions such as Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon and historical wonders such as Machu Picchu. The best time to visit the Peruvian lands is from May to October, when the nights are cool and the days are mostly sunny.

The Put the number nine It’s up toItalia: Despite its charming landscapes, climate, culinary traditions, and rich history, Bel Paese couldn’t climb the rankings very much. However, it gained a place thanks to the Cinque Terre, Venice, the Amalfi Coast and Rome.

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L ‘India defeats8th place Thanks to its biodiversity, great forest cover and national parks. It did not rank higher due to the high rate of pollution and the questionable quality of urban areas. In any case, it’s still a great country to visit: the best time to do so is around November and December, when the monsoon season ends.

The 7th place Based on new Zeland, awarded to geysers, glaciers, and active volcanoes. The values ​​of pure water and clean air have also been added. Telegraph Travel recommends a trip to the territory of New Zealand between December and February. The Sixth placeInstead, he goes to NorwayThanks to its mountains, there are 47 national parks, fjords, coniferous forests, and the landscape of the Northern Lights. Earn points also thanks The happiness and freedom of citizens. To visit in January for the Northern Lights or at the end of June for the midnight sun.

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to me Fifth place there is the Mexico With 523 different species of mammals, 1,104 species of birds and up to 23,000 species of plants. Biodiversity Absolutely unparalleled. Added to this are UNESCO sites, white sand beaches and coral reefs. The best time to visit is November. Instead, al fourth place there is the JapanA contrasting yet unique harmony, both in terms of landscape and from a social point of view. The best time of year to go is early spring to see the blossoms of the fairy cherry trees.

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The three countries on the platform

to me third place Telegraph Travel created a file CanadaIt has no competition in terms of lakes, has an almost endless coastline and the northern lights. The best time to travel to Canada is between June and August. The second place win over itAustralia With nearly twenty thousand different plant species, 350 mammals and 723 birds added to the coral reefs and a very low level of pollution. It is worth visiting between September and October.

Finally, the winning country in first place It achieved the highest scores in all categories examined: imposing mountains, six deserts, 63 national parks, five very large lakes, active volcanoes, hot springs, and 12 UNESCO sites. You can witness the aurora borealis, amazing sunsets and the wonders of human ingenuity. The indicators of citizens’ satisfaction, happiness and freedom are high, and the population density is low with a good level of air cleanliness. In short, there is no war: the victors United States of America.

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