June 9, 2023

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Murgia: “The fascist government only recognizes its own family model” – Politics

“Family anomaly is something that exists and talking about it is a growing political necessity, with a fascist government recognizing no other model for families than their own.” Michela Murgia writes it on Instagram in a post in which she puts another piece in the social diary of these days about her illness and how to deal with it with the support of her LGBT family.

Today he tells the Sardinian tradition of using the term “sa sposa / su sposu” in reference to relationships that have nothing to do with participation, as well as gender or age.

“In the queer family in which I live, there is no one who has not heard of the term bridegroom / bride in recent years. After the bewilderment of a non-Sardinian, the proof wins: the choice of love must remain fundamental, because in the family the so-called traditional feelings are linked to roles, while in the homosexual family It’s quite the opposite: roles are masks that feelings wear when needed, otherwise you’d better never wear them.

In short, the writer claims, “The use of alternative language categories allows for embedding, outperforms legal titles, limits tenure dynamics, and multiplies emotional energies and makes them flow.”

Children of same-sex couples, Xan: ‘The center-right is absent but mayors must be heard’

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