Antonio Vaglica Who is the winner of Italy Got Talent 2022 / Wins with Whitney Houston

Antonio Vaglica Who is the winner of Italy Got Talent 2022 / Wins with Whitney Houston

A victory between applause and tears Antonio VaglicaThe Winner of Italia’s Got Talent 2022. Even in the final, the Cosenza singer left the judges and the audience speechless. The special voice is the voice of the talent of Mirto Crocia, who nevertheless managed to outdo himself in the final. After all, it was the only way to win. In the final he admired the phrase “I have nothing” Whitney Houston She won a check of 100,000 euros.

A talent honed with passion triumphs. The 18-year-old is attending art school, and he has an older sister and younger brother with whom he relates a lot. But Antonio Vaglica He also has a good relationship with his parents, his father Jacinto and his mother Vincencina, who have always supported him. Only the mother accompanied him to Italia’s Got Talent 2022. Therefore, she will have to dedicate this winner’s title to her because she was the first to believe it. (adjective by Silvana Palazzo)

Antonio Vajlica in the Italian Championship final 2022 got talent thanks to the golden buzzer

Final Italy has talents. It aired on March 23 on Sky, closing a version full of talent and exciting performances, such as the singer’s show Antonio Vaglica, 18 years old, student from Mierto Croce in the province of Cosenza. his voice Capture the spirit of those present The TV studio is thrown into a magical and surreal atmosphere. Everyone is amazed at this little boy with curly hair and an unusual voice, who sings the piece in different colors. “Sos d’un terrien en detresse” by Daniel Balavoin.

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helium Gave him the golden bell first, until then. “Antonio, good. From a technical point of view, I can’t tell you anything because you have incredible vocal control. Good boy! I master it. But not only that, it’s also the interpretation. But can you tell us more about why you chose to sing this piece? I haven’t heard.” to before”. The judge’s words were after the song ended, during a standing ovation. The 18-year-old looked visibly excited He opened his heart right awayExplaining that the piece is a message for him, a way to overcome the pain he had to face. “Because I had moments of discrimination, which made me feel really bad, so with this song I feel free and express it all!”

Who is Antonio Vajlica and his passion for music

Antonio Vaglica I got the golden bell from Elio And he went straight to the final Italy has talents on March 23, 2022. The 18-year-old from the province of Cosenza, He has cultivated a passion for music since he was a child. He is studying in art school, he has an older sister and younger brother with whom he relates a lot. He also has a beautiful relationship with his parents, dad whistling and my mom Vincenzina who have always supported him. It was his mother who accompanied him to the talent show.

However, this is not the first time that Antonio has appeared on television. In fact, the boy has already participated in Sanremo Young 2019, Edition by Antonella Clerici where he competes with him Tequila Insulia and Sophia Tournambini. On that occasion, he failed to achieve victory. This time in Italia’s Got Talent He really blew up all his talent. “When I was young, I cared so deeply about other people’s judgments, I felt wrong. Here at Italia a talent I feel very comfortable because I also see other talents and other passions. Tonight on stage I will be presenting “Sos d’un terrien en detresse” by Daniel Balavoin, which speaks of this human being who He doesn’t feel like he belongs to this land, so let out this SOS scream into heaven.” He knew in the video presentation. Other than a cry: Antonio Vajlica Charming everyone, giving a unique atmosphere. “Antonio I am speechless, it was definitely one of the most incredible shows I’ve seen on Got Talent and you can see that you put your heart into it.” was a judgment Frank Matano. “Exceptional I’ve never heard him sing so well in all keys, I have to’s embarrassing. You are really amazing!“She told him Mara Mayonchi. Antonio has an Instagram account with 17.2 thousand followers. They will definitely increase more and more.

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