Giovanna Mezugiorno, it’s all over with Fogolo. response to criticism

Giovanna Mezugiorno, it’s all over with Fogolo.  response to criticism

A life changed drastically and in a short time, a life Giovanna MezugiornoWho decided to speak for herself after her separation from her husband Alessio Fogolo. Actress in the film crew Amanda Written by Carolina Cavalli, this is how she chose to respond with a subjective look to the rumors that circulated about her, emphasizing emphatically on the rumors of her momentary exit from the screens.

Giovanna Mezzogiorno, her response to the many criticisms

She revealed herself in first person, with the apparent intent to protect herself and her family whom she loves above all else. He did it in the columns of the weekly newspaper todayHe speaks frankly about the reasons for this stop working To dedicate himself to his own life: “I had twins (Zino and Leoni, editor), to which I dedicate myself, I said so, but it is never enough. If I work less, urban legends begin: They say I’m sick, I take drugs, I drink, I take psychotropicsAnd I’ll do the thefts shortly. There is also me Comments about my body. There was a time when I got obese so what? He’s a giant who cares. Am I different today? I paid attention to what I ate, sports no I’m lazy. But still: who cares? What matters is that I do my job well, and I always put everything into it.”

Zeno and Leonie, who are everything to her today, are 11 years old. After the marriage to their father ended, Alessio Fogolofor her they have become absolute priority: “They are born on the weekend, they weigh one and a half kilos. For the first few years I was only thinking about them, day and night. They are the most beautiful thing, I hope they never suffer. I keep them away from the internet, from cell phones, away from the ugly outside. I hope that Growing up quietly. I was already a very complicated teenager.”

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A choice that he firmly claims and that he will surely make again today, despite all the (ridiculous) criticism he has received and rumors that – according to him – will not correspond to reality at all.

Giovanna Mezzogiorno, long love of Alessio Fogolo

between love Giovanna Mezugiorno And Alessio Fugolo is over after 13 years of marriage and two beautiful children, who will continue to grow together. 2009 was the year of Yes, in Grinate, before moving to Turin where they decided to build their family. Indeed, in 2011, Zeno and Leonie arrived, they were born prematurely (7 months), and the actress completely devoted herself. For them, she quit her job and moved away from the big screen for 3 years. A choice he would definitely make again and not be denied today.

Together they shared a passion for cinema but always wanted to keep the family out of the spotlight. She was an actress, and he was a behind-the-scenes driver, they met in 2009 on the set of the movie Vincere by Marco Bellocchio and in the same year they got married. In her long interview with Oggi, she did not want to dwell on the merits of the reasons for the separation, and limited herself to answering everything that was unfairly said about her.

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