The best panettone in the supermarket according to Altroconsumo: Ranking 2022 in the Cook Preview

The best panettone in the supermarket according to Altroconsumo: Ranking 2022 in the Cook Preview

TheBetter panettone to buy in supermarket (or hypermarket) of the historic Vergani brand in Milan Which, in addition to leavened pastry products, has for years been offering a line dedicated to wide distribution. This is the rule of the Consumers Association post consumption Which again this year, on Christmas Eve, guides us in the dessert selection par excellence with the eagerly awaited arrangement. The result of an in-depth analysis of 11 panettone (9 classic panettone, with raisins and candied fruits, and 2 glazed) among those on the shelves, exposed Three trials. The first, canonical, is in the laboratory, to verify that the fermented products comply with the guidelines: even if they are industrial, in fact, Panettone must follow certain rules Established by decree that protects its quality. must be done, for example, Only with butter (at least 16% of the dough) and no other fats, natural yeast which gives the typical citrusy taste, raisins and candied citrus peel in quantities of at least 20%. All panettones analyzed by Altronconsumo are within the norm, with some limited cases as to the amount of butter (Balocco and Motta) and candied fruits as to raisins (Viaggiator Goloso and Maina). In addition to the laboratory, the sweets were then analyzed – without packaging so that they could not be recognized – by A.S A group of pastry chefswho evaluated its sensory characteristics. consequences? In addition to Vergani, Tre Marie Panettone won. Bloko, Balwani, Maina, Mota and Meligati, on the contrary, did not reach sufficiency because taste and aroma, according to those who tasted them, are not characteristic. The last test, Altroconsumo conducted with consumers: 60 subjects rated the visual aspect of panettone, both whole and cut, olfactory pleasure, aroma, tactile pleasure in the mouth and the general pleasantness of the product.

Based on these three tests are established The final rating, which you can find by continuing to read and complete On the Altroconsumo website. A surprising arrangement for sure because along with well-known brands such as Vergani, the panettone brand is also shown by large-scale retailers among the first positions with an excellent quality-price ratio. Anyway, let’s get ready: too Altrononsumo assures that this year, due to inflation, the Panettone will cost on average one euro more. Read on

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