Ladies’ Paradise 8, September 11-15: Maryam’s new love

Ladies’ Paradise 8, September 11-15: Maryam’s new love

Il Paradiso delle Signore 8 officially returns on Rai1 on Monday 11 September: there will be no shortage of twists as Maria returns to town.

After a year of waiting, the eighth season of Il Paradiso delle Signore returns, broadcast on Rai 1 in the afternoon. From 4 to 8 September Rai decided to broadcast a rerun of the series The last five episodes of last seasonto allow viewers to refresh their memory.

So Unpublished episodes begin starting Monday, September 11 And progress promises great transformations. Extensive space will be devoted to the character of Maria (played by Chiara Russo), who will return to Milan without her lover, Vito.

Ladies’ Paradise 8, a new love story for Maria

broadcast de spoilers Ladies paradise 8Which is broadcast starting Monday, September 11, 2023, reveals this Vittorio will face a complicated momentBecause his shop’s sales are greatly affected by the new competition represented by Galleria Milano Moda, led by Umberto and Tancredi. On the contrary, the latter is very satisfied with the business direction.

Meanwhile, Roberto will try to support him, but it will not be easy at all. Salvatore will try in every way to restore the relationship with Elvira, regretting the times when the woman loved him. Erin wrestles with choices for her new Venus He is assigned to the Milan store led by Vittorio Conte, faces difficulties, and receives the help of Clara and Elvira.

Large area dedicated to Return to the city of Mary: The girl returns to Milan after spending the summer in Australia with Vito, who will not return with her to the Lombard capital. In fact, the young woman is making final preparations to welcome her family, who have decided to move from Sicily and will live in Amato’s old house.

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Ladies’ Paradise, Maria returns to Milan and kisses a stranger- (Credit Facebook Ladies’ Paradise)-

Meanwhile, Elvira and Clara, with Alfredo’s connivance, have found the perfect candidate for the role of Venus: her name is Him Delia Bianchetti They hope that the young woman will be able to win the admiration of the seller of heaven.

The first day of Venus reaches Delia in heaven and on this occasion they arrive for the first time as well Concetta and Agata PuglisiMaria’s mother and sister respectively, who were amazed by the beauty of the store. Maria’s father, Ciro, tries to help out in the cafeteria in preparation for the new store’s opening, while Salvo believes he has figured out how to win Elvira back.

The fluctuations are not over: indeed Marie She is harassed by boys on the street but a mysterious boy saves her Steal a kiss from her. The same boy is looking for Marcello Barbieri, and appears at his house, but cannot find him.

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