Lorenzo Fragola, From Bad Illness to Terrible Blacksmith: I Think He’ll End It – Democrat

Lorenzo Fragola, From Bad Illness to Terrible Blacksmith: I Think He’ll End It – Democrat

The winner of the eighth edition of “The X Factor” has endured a series of dramas that have turned his life upside down.

Like other artists of his generation, Lorenzo also appeared thanks to his participation in the talent show. In fact, in 2014, She won the eighth edition of “The X Factor”., which is a format broadcast by Sky channels nowadays. As viewers will clearly remember, at first the program was broadcast on Rai frequencies. However, due to high production costs, state television decided to sell the rights to the television broadcaster founded by Rupert Murdoch.

Lorenzo Fragola (Instagram)

While her success is known to everyone, not many people probably know it the strawberry He had also tried to take part in filming the talent in the previous season. In 2013, he tried to get to it, but in this case, he did not get the desired result, as he was directly neglected in the tests.

With great persistence, he did not give up, soon after all his talent in the field of singing appeared. After the victory, he had a magical period, during which he clearly won praise from his fans as well as from critics. His first two albums were a huge success, titled Straight “1995” and “Zerogravity”. But the last one was published in 2018, entitled “Bengal” He did not respect the previous results, and began a difficult moment in the artist’s career.

Lorenzo Fragola, the singer’s heartbreaking confession

Just a few hours ago, Lorenzo posted a post with sad content on his Instagram page. As we were hinting a moment ago, he went through a really complicated period due to some tragedies that put him on the ropes: “Here we are. It’s been a few years since the last project; there was Covid and there was a lot of things for everyone. Personally, I have also experienced the most difficult moment of my life so far”.

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Lorenzo Fragola (Instagram)

But later, the artist went into the details of the exact moment in which he experienced: “Those who know me well know that I do not talk much about my private life, but When you first have an illness and then a agonizing bereavement, you need to take the time to heal.”said Fragola, referring to the tragic death of her father, a man who died at the young age of fifty-six at the end of a long illness.

The many wounds in the singer’s heart made him think of her get rid of the music: “I thought about putting music aside foreverbecause that’s how it was made and I don’t like making fun of people and doing what’s right to be there.” Thanks to his great friend Mario, who is immortalized with him in the photo included in the post, Lorenzo found the strength and courage to move forward and thus is back to do what he does best : “Thanks to him, I rediscovered the desire to compose music, the intoxicating joy of making it, for which I will always be grateful.. So here we go, this new venture begins.”

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