The meeting that turned his life upside down – Libero Quotidiano

The meeting that turned his life upside down – Libero Quotidiano

Double interview with Pius and Amedeoat the registry office Bio Dantino And the Amedeo Greco, the irreverent Italian comedy duo under Mediaset that also break the bank in cinema. Double interview published on Corriere della Sera It mentions in the introduction how the two met when they were ten years old. Both are from Foggia, born in 1983.

And Amedeo explains with his usual gnawing irony:Piu was a round creature, and it is not known how he managed to walkand Beau: “He, on the other hand, was a ball of black fur.” Amedeo replied, “I developed quickly, thanks to colpo grosso.”

Pugh recalled again how “two extraordinary children they were, both in body and in origin, we soon understood that they would never take us seriously.” The first job: selling blessed palm treesAlready three months before Easter. And Amedeo: “Which more than anything else was the palm of Benedetto, the man who helped us cut it. We went door to door. Paying in black.”

So the two confirm a rumor, which is that they are I was born in the same maternity ward, obviously in Foggia, five days awayIn two adjacent beds. All of this is true, Pugh asserts, “we discovered it twelve years ago.” And Amedeo, in his response to the journalist who suspects it is a lie to ridicule journalists, explains: “There is a pictureThe mothers found that it is Karambata also appearing in the abbreviation MogratiansIn short, the case is closed.

The most famous of their characters, namely that of the Maghratins Two corrupt profiteers. But who inspired you? Pew reveals:Two Fuji fans met on the bus. Our ignorant, tender peasant adapts to the world as best he can, but hides his dignity and goodness. ” So Amedeo:” Let us be strong with the strong, not with the weak. People see us as Robin Hoods. We steal from the rich to give to the poor: we.”

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