Jasmine Karissi baffles everyone, Albano is speechless: What did you do with your lips?

Jasmine Karissi baffles everyone, Albano is speechless: What did you do with your lips?

Not a day goes by now without Jasmine Karissi holding a surprise for her huge virtual audience: it even happened a few hours ago on Instagram.

Jasmine Carisi has moved on, at least as far as looks. The daughter of Al Bano and Loredana Liciso radically changed her look and documented the transformation on social media. Goodbye to old grainy blonde hair: Now young Hope is wearing bold mahogany red hair.

Jasmine is now a real social star, and after having lived the TV experience alongside her father on stage The Voice Senior And they became more famous and loved. Obviously, her strong point is the scenic beauty, which she definitely inherited from her mother, combined with modern style and fashion.

Another change in the appearance of Yasmine Karisi

“All smiles :)” Jasmine wrote in her last Instagram post. When it comes to the hair look, the artist’s little daughter loves to change up and experiment with every type of hairstyle and color, but the latest news is it’s a real style evolution. Transformed now as mahogany red, a small difference Which makes it almost difficult to recognize.

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One detail that hasn’t been introduced lately to fans’ attention is: puffy lips, perhaps too much to believe they’re natural. And among fans and followers there are some critical voices who (also) focus on this aspect. “Have you been feeling a little hungry?” , asks an annoying follower, “If your lips are swollen now, when you’re 30, what do you do, do you pull your whole face too? You also feel bad with those canoe lips?” Another user, more concise but no less caustic, notes: “They are all swollen and 150 cm high.”

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But there is no shortage of comments of appreciation: “Hey Jasmine Black gives you so much, you are always the most beautiful. Good evening and a big kiss,” one follower wrote. Or: “Good evening, beautiful tattoos I got!!!”. And again: “You are the full taste of life.” Click to believe.

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