Anna Tatangelo: The sea is beautiful, the “floats” are more

Anna Tatangelo: The sea is beautiful, the “floats” are more

Anna Tatangelo, or The Row. Even when swimming leisurely in the blue waters of a clear sea, the class comes to the surface. A couple of very large “floaters” also appear, which the singer is definitely not trying to hide.

Anna Tatangelo, chapter | Instagram

Anna Tatangelo is definitely one of the most watched, photographed, admired and talked about characters of summer and beyond. for him mediterranean charismaAnd sometimes his tormented love stories, his voice and his songs. Everything written by Anna Tatangelo “Makes the News”. The news is also that when Anna does nothing, she simply relaxes and refreshes herself immersed in the blue waters of the sea. You just look at it, the presses stop, the front pages are hurriedly reviewed, the fans explode and the likes explode. It happened this time too.

Anna Tatangelo, Heart of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean character Anna Tatangelo wrote to us in her origins: I was born in it sura. So it is not Naples, as many think, but it comes from one of the most exclusive municipalities in the province of Frosinone, along the hills where the center becomes to the south. And from the south Anna Tatangelo soon felt the attraction, not only in artistic life but also in emotional life. Everyone knows her as the winner of Sanremo Festival Young people, in 2002, with the song “Doubly Fragile”. But Anna Tantangelo is also much more than that: beyond One hundred songs released and eight unreleased albums. A reference point for Italian music.

About her tormented, and at times painful love affair with her Gigi D’Alessio Much has already been written. A story that left behind many memories and a son whom they both love. We leave the present behind the invisible curtain of the privacy it deserves.

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Diving that wowed its fans

Anna Tatangelo created an art brand of a totally unique blend: the rhythm that squeezes and rocks you sensual voicewho sings and seduces. They are two faces, vitality and sensuality, striking beauty and sensation and humanity, which you feel from his personality and gestures. A duality that Anna also cultivates in her social persona, with a very popular Instagram profile and even several fan profiles, who made her character a cult. From one of these comes this picture, in which Anna Tatangelo shows herself completely relaxed, but also aware of her shocking beauty that appearsas it were, from the blue waters.

Anna Tatangelo Dicolete
Anna Tatangelo, class in the water | Instagram

A powerful yet elegant image that deserves a proper comment: “Separation in the Water”One of his fans writes. It is very difficult to blame him.

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