“Why do you spring?”: Science has never been feminine

“Why do you spring?”: Science has never been feminine

Breaking the barriers of stereotypes but above all opening the frontiers of science to women The firsthand story of heroes who defied mistrust And I achieved the goal of working in the world of STEM subjects (short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in English). A kind of practical guide to achieving and succeeding.

“Why stem,” GenerazioneStem occurred

And that’s the point.”What do you do in STEM?, GenerationazioneSTEM event, Society was born on social networks but today it is also offlineDedicated to achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment in scientific subjects, organized on the occasion Roma Future Week at the Talent Garden on Via Ostiense 92 on Wednesday, September 13 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Chiara Pacioli, Project and Community Manager at GenerazioneStem, will present the project. Also emphasizing the career opportunities that a STEM education can provide young people.

A: In Hadith, the youth of scientific communication

They will be confronted in an hour-long conversation Young science activists established on social media including Sarah Figura (@Lab), Virginia Benzie (@QuantumGirl) and Ilaria Lucrezia Rossi (@SheScience) which they will say Study and work experience in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). With a special focus on their areas of expertise, and on the beautiful moments and difficulties they face. A real challenge in a world where, according to the latest UNESCO report for 2021, only 33% of researchers are women, even though they represent 45% of graduates and 55% of master’s students. The numbers are increasing compared to previous years, but they are not yet sufficient to close the gender gap.

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Free event

the event Why STEM? It’s free, just book your ticket through Eventbrite (limited seats) e It will open with an introduction to the GenS project and a presentation of research on STEM careers that will paint a picture of the situation job market Today and in the coming years the most sought after professional profiles with testimonials of those who have already traveled the journey.

After that, the audience will be involved in an interactive activity, through a game, Participants will evaluate their knowledge in scientific fields. Finally oath #timecenter, To meet community speakers and GenS contributors in attendance, with the possibility to talk to them individually to raise doubts, questions or seek advice for universities and job opportunities, as well as to meet the event’s partner companies: Scientific venture capital And Koryo.

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