December 8, 2022

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La Dorma – Rai Press Office

Grand soprano Maria Agresta and the historical female voice of CSI, Ginevra Di Marco, meet at the Massimo Bernardini Concert Hall and “Nesun Dorma”, broadcast on Monday, July 18 at 9.15 pm in the first sighting on ray 5. On the one hand, the grandiose sound the powerful of Maria Agresta, the world-famous soprano who passed the finest stages in the world under masters such as Ricardo Muti, Zubin Mehta, Daniel Barenboim and Antonio Papano; On the other hand, the clear and enveloping bell of Ginevra Di Marco, CSI’s “Voice of Angels” who, in a duet by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, made the history of Italian indie rock and then embraced, as a soloist, the path of rediscovery of popular music. Two artists, apparently scholars of antipodes discover unexpected connections: magic is also made possible thanks to archival footage of Teche Rai, which brings back the vocal richness of Verdi and Puccini’s Maria Agresta interpreter, and to the rigorous live performances of Ginevra Di Marco, accompanied by CSI’s historical keyboardist Francesco Magnelli and guitarist Andrea Salvadori, and he was joined by jazz musicians Night Dreamers, the program’s resident band.

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