“My decision, there was no respect”

“My decision, there was no respect”

“Decision to leave us? It was my decision alone,

No one affected me

“.” very right ”

Manuel Portozzo

talking about The end of the love story with Lulu Selassieknown in the House of

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My family always supports me

in my life plans, but they always left me free in personal choices ”, confirms the swimmer, responding to the hints of the former, who spoke in an interview with the weekly“ Chi ”aboutGreat intervention from his family and friends. “There was a lack of convergence.

There was no respect for things

There was no respect for anything. The world collapsed on me when I saw certain things,” Bortozo adds.

The 23-year-old from Trieste also explains the decision to announce

End of the relationship with a press release

: “The

I’ve talked to her several times

But she never listened to me. So I decided to release the press release and I blocked it,

It was the only way to make me listen

. Maybe for her, real life is what she writes on social media, for me it’s not like that.”

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