Science now also explains the “sixth sense of mothers”

Science now also explains the “sixth sense of mothers”

In other words, microchimerism seems “too” scientific and even a bit cold. But it is the name given to the “sixth sense of mothers.”

there Scienceswe know, we’ve tried and he’s trying Explain everything around us. From time immemorial. Various names and classifications have passed through the ages and human evolution, but The goal is always the same: figuring out ‘why’.

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And if we notice, Because ‘because’ is one of those ‘lullabies’ that our children give us, between joy and exhaustion. Although children do not know something and do not need it, they feel the need to understand. A requirement (perhaps better not to disclose) that they will carry their whole life. Like the reason to develop it Unconditional love between mother and child.

Mind you, no one wants to be underestimated Father’s role in the correct development of the child. We cannot and should not do this. but Science has shown a chemical event that occurs during pregnancy, can Explain why the mother “feels” her child’s needs and emotions.

“Mothers’ Sixth Sense” But what does that really mean? Science is trying to explain it

The author of this article is a mother of two children. proudly. mother found Article from the magazine to focus which he explained, scientific studies at hand, What happens physiologically to a woman when she becomes pregnant. And even when you have an abortion, there may be complications of different types.

There is a phenomenon called Microchimerismwhich – which This happens every time a woman bears a child. With Daddy’s help, we’d like to emphasize that. Always proudly. natural eventIn fact, it has long been known why It occurs in many mammals. Although today New study It amplifies knowledge, giving us “scientific confirmation” of what we have always known deep down.

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Studies have found that “During pregnancy, a small number of fetal cells cross the placenta to enter the mother’s bloodstream and nest in tissuesPractically, It leaves a permanent imprint on the mother’s body, which also remains for several years.

anyway Once the pregnancy is over, the mother’s body “disposes” of the remaining fetal cellsthere is always The part that remains. This phenomenon is amplified during pregnancy with twins. This “physical memory” seems to give The scientific explanation of maternal instinctinThe bond a mother feels to her child Since I realized she got pregnant.

In fact These ‘fetal microchemicals’ can lodge in the thyroid gland It regulates some functions of the mother’s body, such asTime to eat but alsoprotective instinct towards the son. All this, even if it is a scientific explanation, does not remove The magic he feels in the birth of a new lifeand still understand how it Great mystery despite wanting to steal every secret.

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