That’s why he ended up with Alessandro Preziosi.

Vittoria Puccini and Alessandro Preziosi were the protagonists of the popular TV series Elisa di Revombrosa. On set love blossomed between the two. Years later, Puccini decided to make some important discoveries! Italian actress Vittoria Puccini became famous through the TV series Elisa di Revombrosa, which was broadcast on Canal 5 in prime time from December 17, 2003 to December 1, 2005. In this telenovela, the young actress Puccini finds love, and with the beautiful Alessandro Preziosi begins a relationship Even outside the group. The love story between Vittoria Puccini and Alessandro Preziosi lasted 6 years. In 2007, Vittoria and Alessandro gave birth to their first daughter, Elena Preziosi. The acclaimed couple has never denied experiencing moments of passion and love. However, the separation occurred in 2010, after years, Victoria Puccini decided to tell the whole truth about the end of their relationship. Reason? Let’s find out…

Years later, the Tuscan artist decided to make some big ads for F magazine, explaining what prompted her to break off her romance completely with actor Preziosi: “Why is it over? It’s a question chemistryof gear. theOr I didn’t bring out the best in it and vice versa.The actress began by clarifying a topic that she had not addressed before or at least did not reveal in an interview: the fear of making her daughter suffer. “I was afraid of consequences about our daughter. But time heals things. We have been Hassan To always put Elena first and to help us with our work, to make sure she was with both as much as possible”. Currently, Vittoria explains that although they are not back together, her relationship with Alessandro has always been good. Vittoria Puccini and Alessandro Preziosi grew up with their daughter Elena, and despite this they respect each other and have great respect for each other and will always have a deep friendship.

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After Alessandro changed her life and went on, after a short but strong relationship with actor Claudio Santamaria, she met Fabrizio Lucci, a well-known director of photography, twenty years older than her. Fabrizio is really famous in this sector and has signed on to shoot several successful films such as Don Matteo, but also in the mini-series Coco Chanel, Married the Policeman of the Island of Secrets – Cory, Sant’Agostino, Soto il Cielo di Roma, Cinderella, Anna Karenina, not too late It’s never too late, Once upon a time Studio Uno, Imatori – The series, The world is on your shoulders, everyone is perfect. The two met on the set of the filming of Anna Karenina, the TV series in which she saw Puccini as the protagonist of the 2013 novel. From that moment on the two are inseparable and have a beautiful romance, a story apparently going well. This made Vitoria finally calm and happy.

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