Pull the ice cream, the alarm goes off: ethylene oxide

Pull the ice cream, the alarm goes off: ethylene oxide

Beware the ice cream you find in the supermarket. A famous brand has pulled its ice cream from ethylene oxide contamination.

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A batch of ice cream was pulled from all supermarkets. The reason is that there is a substance inside the ice cream that protects the food from microorganisms. It is ethylene oxide pollution and very dangerous to human because it can cause harm to organism. The substance is found in the vanilla extract used to make ice cream.

To arrange the ice cream pull was Eurofood Spa Which pulled from the market all the ice cream packaging of the brand Haagen Dass Vanilla flavor with expiration on February 16, 2023. Batch number of 160,223 has also been circulated. EAN code 3415581101935. So be careful to check all information if you buy or have a box of ice cream of this brand at home.

Ethylene oxide contamination: Beware the ice cream in the supermarket

Ethylene oxide, also known as Auxerin, is used in the industrial sector especially in the oil sector but also in the medical field for sterilization. It acts as a disinfectant and preservative so it is excellent against mold and bacteria. This means that unpasteurized foods are still safe without making changes to the product.

This substance is extremely dangerous and should only be handled by experts who know how to handle it. There are many health risks from exposure and inhalation. In fact, if inhaled for a long time, this substance can cause headaches and convulsions but also strokes and even comas.

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ethylene oxide
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It is also dangerous to the respiratory system and eyes. Ethylene oxide is a human carcinogen and can cause cancer. Including cancer of the liver and reproductive system. However, if ingested, the effects are slightly milder but still serious.

However, they caution that there is no need to create strong alerts because the percentage of contamination in food is very low It should not cause serious problems to human health.

Experts say that the risk of developing ethylene oxide is less than that of smoking cigarettes. In fact, even smoking this substance enters the body, about 7 nanograms.

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