Elisa, Francesca, Blanca, and the unresolved issues

Elisa, Francesca, Blanca, and the unresolved issues

The last episode of the Spanish series, Six Sisters: here is what will happen to the trio of Silvas, Elisa, Francisco and Blanca

Another week of Six Sisters keeping us company is over. During the week we saw the Silvia sisters facing new difficulties. Once Francesca shows signs of recovery, despite being told that she is now more willing to leave her sisters than to survive, Diana returns to tend the mill, and discovers that there has been a robbery. Convinced it was some factor, Salvador can only admit that he stole that money and used it: shocked, she cannot believe it and does not know if she will forgive him. Meanwhile, Francesca is packing her things to leave as soon as she gets back on her feet.

A bad adventure for Elisa who decides to secretly participate in Sofia’s party after she repeatedly postponed her debut in society due to family finances and family secrets, but upon her return home she falls victim to an accident. Her leg injury forced her to postpone yet again. Meanwhile, Blanca appears to grow closer and closer to Cristóbal, her fiancé’s brother, prompting her ex-mother-in-law to rage.

Six sisters examine: What will happen to the Silva sisters in today’s episode, May 19, 2023?

After Celia confesses her feelings to Francesca, FrA. Pedra and the letter that Adelaide received from Don Mauro, in this episode there will be three more sisters who will have to face different difficulties. After the serious incident that follows another ruse by Elisa, Merceditas is also forced to admit that she was persuaded by the youngest member of the Silvias, Elisa, to go to Sofia’s party.

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Francisca is one step away from leaving, when she receives a very important message from Professor Tabuyo that displaces her. Rodolfo, also suspicious of his mother’s talk, decides to ask Blanca again to stop being collaborative with her brother Cristóbal. Indeed, the two are getting closer and closer, seemingly forgetting the marriage now decided between Rodolfo and Silva. Is there really a feeling between you and your future wife’s brother? Or is it just a special friendship? Or even a professional collaboration? When will Elisa’s debut be postponed after the accident? To find out all the implications for the Madrid sisters, we’ll just have to wait for Monday.

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