Kim Kardashian in Milan, luxury shopping and… star frenzy

And the’ Kim kardashian The queen of this edition of Milan Fashion Week. The entrepreneur, surrounded by her army of makeup artists, hairdressers, assistants, and bodyguards, arrived in town in style to catch up on shows. If Kim is a regular at Parisian shows, the same can’t be said about fashion shows MFW. For this reason, and for a number of other star abundances, his existence did not go unnoticed.

In Milan for Miuccia

A friend to all the big names in fashion, in this Milan Fashion Week Kim kardashian It appears to be associated with a particular brand: Prada. You can guess that from the look she wore and from the fact that, for now, she’s only attended the Miuccia Fall/Winter 2022 fashion show. Leather suits, some of which were seen in January on the house’s men’s runway, futuristic glasses and…gloves. The latter is a commonly used extension but may also be a security tool. Kardashian has been photographed several times with the brand’s black model, yet the blue version is oversized and reminiscent of the gloves worn by healthcare workers, which have been around the world.

luxury shopping

Kim Kardashian at Milan Fashion Week
Kim Kardashian makes purchases in Milan

Kim kardashian She did not give up gloves even for shopping. At Antonia, a luxury Milan boutique, the socialite tried out a myriad of hats with the logo New York Yankees. The star showed a series of photos on the phone to her personal assistant who, most likely, helps her assemble clothes. Then contact the store assistants to finalize the purchases. Are they gifts for the four kids or will we see hats on them soon?

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Problems with Kanye

Among the world’s fashion icons, Kim kardashian She is very busy, between shopping and work appointments in Milan. However, if the body, in all its glory, was in Milan, the head might have remained in California. It’s new news about filing new papers in court, Kim is in a hurry to divorce her Kanye West. After the rapper’s latest social show, which posts details about their private lives (and then removes them a few hours later), effectively violating confidentiality agreements between the two, Kardashian tells the judge that she is “emotionally stressed” and is ready to get a final divorce, which she hopes will be finalized as soon as possible. Available time.

“Modern” extensions

Kim Kardashian at Milan Fashion Week
Kim’s gloves and goggles at MFW

There are those who say that Kim in Milan never takes off her dark glasses so as not to show her nervous ex-husband. Add to these anti-infection gloves. The star leaked the details of her life from the looks. Discover Kim Kardashian’s “talking” accessories at the show Milan Fashion Week.

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