Canal 5, The sudden death of the beloved actress: All TV channels mourn her death

Canal 5, The sudden death of the beloved actress: All TV channels mourn her death

Unfortunately, a few hours ago, the Italian public learned with great regret the news of the death of a well-known face in the Italian entertainment world. Let’s find out who he is

there Mediaset I have always focused on exceptional television shows, which keep viewers glued to the small screen. With the changes you made Pier Silvio Berlusconi Television has been turned upside down. First of all on top Afternoon 5 The lover is no longer there Barbara D’Urso, but Mirta Merlino.

Then too Belen Rodriguez I left the studios MediasetIn fact, we no longer see her in the role of broadcaster or… You deserve it that it Hyenas. But she herself was careful to point out that the choice depended above all on her, and she was now devoting herself to her new prestige, i.e. Elio Lorenzoni.

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Over time, Italians became enamored with entertainment industry figures, for them, for example, it was unthinkable to not see them anymore. Maria De Filippi, Jerry Scotti, Michelle Hunziker And many other things. It is no coincidence that the network’s senior leaders They willingly rely on their undisputed professionalism.

Unfortunately, they will have to do without the undisputed talent of the well-known face as he is gone forever. Everyone was left with unsurpassable goodness in their hearts, given that His farewell was completely unexpected. Let’s find out who he is.

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A woman with an amazing resume

She was married to Gaston Mushin From 1960 to 1969. The two founded the Momus Academy of Theater Acting in Terni. They can be mentioned in his biography Gynecologist, Conscience Zeno, Cesaroni, Elisa di Rivombrosa, Suborra And many other things.

She also tried her hand at singing and dubbing. The woman in question She is none other than actress Marzia Ubalde. His farewell came like a bolt from the blue. This is the reason for his death.

Marzia Ubaldi –

Heartbreaking farewell. the daughter: “Empty it completely”

She passed away on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at the age of 85 The beloved actress and voice actress. The funeral was held on Monday in the Church of Madonna del Ponte in Narni Scalo, where she moved a few years ago. the daughter Emanuela Mochin He gave it to her Facebook Touching message: “Hey mom, I made a mistake this time…I’m completely exhausted.”

Maybe it disappeared due to natural causes. At the moment, no further details about this unpleasant incident have been left. Italians are close relatives One of the actresses who made the history of the Italian entertainment world.

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