“Armed and distant peace.” Is the Ferragnese really in crisis?

“Armed and distant peace.”  Is the Ferragnese really in crisis?

It’s my turn now. If we are not talking about peace, we are talking about crisis ei ferragnese They are the eternal heroes of this game on the bounce. Well, the latest rumor has it that the “bulge” in City Life’s giant penthouse is there, and how. The couple had denied having a marital crisis – spurring Sanremo’s social oblivion with Fedez depression – but according to recent rumours, the calamity would be real and evenArmed and rangedAt least that’s the weekly title todayspeaking about the persistent rumors that Fedez and his wife want to quarrel.

Live (and love) from a distance

She is among friends and elephants. between baby food and diapers.” The magazine writes make fun of kilometers distance Which the rapper and influencer put between them recently. If peace really returns after San Remo, in short, it is at least a long way offWe’re still reading in the weekly and looking closely at Ferragni’s recent moves, the distance has been great. While Fedez stayed in Milan to take care of his children Vittoria and Leon, the digital entrepreneur first traveled to Paris for a few Links advertising campaigns, then jumped to Morocco for the promotional campaign of a famous Italian clothing brand, and finally headed straight to South Africa for a safari holiday in the company of friends and collaborators to fulfill the dream, which seems to have been since the first lockdown. And I think Fedez thanked her a few weeks ago: “My wife is by my side during this difficult time“.

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The real proof: “The Ferragnez”

And regardless that the concept of convergence must be reconsidered, weekly today He focused attention on other details that would underscore the Ferragnese crisis:It is not yet known when filming for the second season will resume series Amazon’s “The Ferragnez,” suddenly discontinued after Videz’s health problemsConsidering that there is so much money at stake, Amazon presses to have the two back in front of the cameras and the public begins to suspect, in running Chiara and Federico always seem to lead in one direction: crisis. The magazine predicts that “make peace” can only be said when the Veragnes return to film their series or at least commercials together. Meanwhile, there is still room for rumors.

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