Edoardo Tavassi and Antonella Fiordelisi discuss Micol Incorvaia – Big Brother VIP

Edoardo Tavassi and Antonella Fiordelisi discuss Micol Incorvaia – Big Brother VIP

between Antonella And the Tavasi Bad blood does not flow and is now evident, but both do not miss an opportunity to confront each other, exchanging opinions and considerations.

After the episode, Antonella returns to talk about the feud Mikul feeds on it. In fact, she thinks that the girl is burning the earth around her.

After determining that he was not influenced by his girlfriend, Tavasi reaffirmed his thoughts on the model. Despite the girl’s claims to the contrary, he is convinced that Antonella transforms during the episodes.

As for Antonella, Micol went too far to get it out of her, after all, she never spoke to her behind her back.

Then the man explains to her that the young woman does not want Tavasi to talk about her affair with Antonella, because the altruist is not a particularly close person to her.

In addition, Antonella has, in the past, placed fleas in the ear of VIPs, raising doubts about Micol’s sincerity.

However, Tavasi understood that a true friend would not behave like that: if she really loved him, she would not hint that Mikul was not interested in him.
You weren’t objective at the timeTavasi concludes.

Antonella continues to defend herself and her positions without reaching a point of convergence. Tavasi, quit, let’s go. Not even Edward He managed to convince her otherwise!

In short, no matter how hard they try, there is no way for the two significant people to get along: their ideas will probably never converge.

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