Geppy Cucciari, you would never imagine his testimony: all deserted for the theatre

Geppy Cucciari, you would never imagine his testimony: all deserted for the theatre
Geppi Cucciari – “Source: Instagram” –

You’ll never guess what Geppi Cucciari’s true qualification was, but she decided to give it up for the theatre. As you know, passion always wins over everything and the presenter knows very well what makes her happy.

But you know exactly what a file is The real qualification of Jeppy Kochari? You’d never guess it, because it’s so different from what he’s doing now. Actually, comic He gave up everything in favor of the theatre.

Confucius He understood this first of all: “Do what you love and you will not work a single day in your life.” This is precisely why Geppi decided to go a decidedly more complicated route than the classic “permanent mode”, but for her Much more satisfying.

The real qualification of Jebe Kochari

Jeppy KochariBorn Maria Giuseppina Cucciari, she is a comedian, actress, cabaret artist, and presenter, not only in television, but also in theater and radio. With her professionalism and compassion, Kochari has played many roles, not to mention those famous joke, which is still frequented on the Internet today. Among so many, how can we forget: “They invented the horrible reward system, S, M, L. Do you know what they mean? S stands for ‘Yeah yeah I know I’m skinny’; M stands for ‘Everything works for me’ – damn it, I add -; L stands for “I know I’m fat, and I love ravioli: mind yourself!”

In this regard, Geppi Gucciari, when it makes way answer the questions From his fans or journalists, and there is not always one who does Requested More insistently, how did he do it For weight loss? It’s about saying, with all the things you could ask of an artist like her, really the only curiosity about her, spins about its weight?

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Anyway, the presenter has it He lost several kilogramsThanks to the guidance of a specialist in the sector, who not only prepared it healthy eating stylebut also a training program, certainly very ominous. In fact, the actress alternates Zumba sessions with Pilates and Tabata sessions.

Geppi Cucciari's true degree is revealed
Score by Geppi Cucciari – “Source: Instagram” –

Geppy chose the stage

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, That’s what class which he achieved Jeppy Kocharibefore giving up on everything in favor of the theatre and its texts. Comedian took over First degree in lawat the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. Later, however, Kochari almost immediately understood what was his True passion.

the acting! For this reason, he soon began attending Scaldasole Theater Workshopwho gave him the necessary preparations to make her shine on that stage which he loves so much. It was his first successful reality show, V.I.E.L.D zellige And since then, we all know how it went.

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