Laurella Karimali at Benevento to talk about the math and science behind stereotypes and prejudices

On March 4, 2022, Professor Laurel Karimali will be a guest of Benevento on a double date where she will meet her champion in the morning at the Industrial Technical Institute “Locarelli” and in the afternoon at the headquarters of the University of Giustino Fortunato.

The event will be an exceptional opportunity to help understand the importance of reunification of human culture with technological culture and the critical role it plays in this field by listening to inspiring personalities such as Professor also with the aim of economic and social recovery of our country.

Karimali wanted to respond to Professor Carlo Mazzoni’s call also regarding the joint affiliation with the role of ambassadors of the World Teacher Prize, the Nobility of Teachers. In this context, the Italian ambassadors of the Varkey Foundation, the international charity that organizes the World Teacher Prize, collaborate to make the maximum possible contribution to meeting the needs of Italy with special reference to the new context of education. generations.

Specifically, Professor Karimali will meet with Lucarelli students in the field of motivation in the STEM context regarding the importance of mathematics as a tool for social salvation and for overcoming the gender gap in the workplace. On the premises of the University of Giustino Fortunato, Professor Eureteka will present, a project promoted by the Ministry of Education and Confindustria, to create a physical and digital environment for learning, modular, flexible, reversible to be placed internally in existing school spaces, on the borders from the outside, as well as in open and public spaces.

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To participate in the public event at Uniforto, it is necessary to register using the form available at the following link:

Laurela Karimali, Mathematics, is the Math and Physics teacher at Liceo Vittorio Veneto in Milan. In 2018, she was selected by the Varkey Foundation among 50 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize and nominated as a worldwide ambassador for her teaching model. In 2017, she was awarded among the top ten Italian teachers of the Italian Teacher Prize and on December 3, 2018 she was listed under Inspiring Fifty Italia. She has several publications related to mathematics curriculum, skills teaching and school system innovation, and with Rizzoli published the novel “The Square Root of Life” in 2018, and in 2020, the article “The Equation of Freedom”. She founded the Society for Evolution (R), which he chaired. She was a member of the expert committee set up by Minister Azulina and coordinated by the incumbent Minister Bianchi, and is part of the ministerial working group that drafted the guidelines for financial education. For the ministry, it deals with educational innovation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. For years, he has been striving for mathematics to be for everyone and everyone. It is committed to the scientific and assessment level, cooperates with universities, research centers and public institutions, and is active in experimenting with innovative teaching methodologies. I have dealt with schools that are often considered the most marginal, isolated and disadvantaged in our country.

Carlo A. Mazzoni, a software developer and systems engineer, is a computer science teacher at the Graduate School. Received the JA Italia Top Teacher Lifetime Achievement Award and is the only Italian to reach the top ten in the Global Teacher Prize, the Nobel Prize for Teachers. He is also a digital evangelist and author of best-selling computer science books in Italy that are used as computer science texts in both high school and some universities.

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