Tommaso Stanzani in Gf Vip 6? Gabriel Barbiglia’s indiscretion

Tommaso Stanzani in Gf Vip 6?  Gabriel Barbiglia’s indiscretion

Tommaso Stanzani Will it be among the new competitors of Gf Vip 6?

Rumors continue to follow each other regarding qualified candidates for GF VIP 6: The hypothesis of seeing former performers in the most spied on house in Italy has disappeared Giulio Raselli NS Weather in Giulia CavagliaAnd Gabriel Barbiglia in a Good things gossipHe also denied the possibility of seeing other former heroes in the House of Representatives men and women NS temptation island.

Among those who instead took the test to get into GF VIP There’s the dancer and the former student Friends 20 Tommaso StanzaniAs the reporter revealed live:

We can announce that he has been contacted for testing Tommaso StanzaniCompanion Tommaso Zorzi. We don’t know if it will work or not.

Most likely, though Tommaso Stanzani Will not be among the competitors GF VIP 6 made by Alfonso SignoriniSince the dancer announced via her Instagram Stories to her followers that she will soon leave on tour with an important Italian singer, much loved abroad, but he could not reveal more:

Today I had a private meeting…I can only tell you that I’m about to leave for a tour, and I’m going to dance to one of the singers that Italy is proud of abroad and I’m in seventh heaven, and now I can only say you’re very happy.

Announcement Tommaso Therefore, he excludes his participation in the reality show, but does not deny the rumors that he was going to audition for the reality show: in fact, the dancer could have been neglected after the audition, or he could have given up participating in the broadcast. From Canale 5 to follow up on this important work project that will see him dance alongside an important Italian singer, whose identity we don’t know yet.

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