Juventus – Fiorentina 2-0, report papers: Perin is the best, Juventus’ midfield shines

Juventus – Fiorentina 2-0, report papers: Perin is the best, Juventus’ midfield shines

Final result: Juventus – Fiorentina 2-0

Juventus Report Cards (by Raimundo de Magistris)

Brin 7.5 – Contract renewal seal with best in class performance. All instinct was to tackle in the first half on Arthur Cabral, very quick reactions in the second half to Martinez-Quarta’s header deflected by De Ligt. Juventus have decided to continue to bet on him for the role of player number 12, and tonight Perrin showed that his choice has never been more correct.

Di Siglio 5.5 – Often late, even more times in trouble. Biraghi overlaps its parts several times, reaching the bottom very easily. From 79 Cuadrado 6.5 – In the final, he assisted him with a 2-0 goal, which was signed by Danilo.

Bonucci 6.5 – Returning to the center of defense with good performance. He makes up for with good physical condition readings that don’t inevitably support him throughout the match.

De Ligt 6.5 – So far irreplaceable for Allegri, De Ligt put in a good performance tonight also in continuity: no drop in effort.

Alex Sandro 6 – With Fiorentina in a continuous offensive drop, he was limited to the containment phase: he succeeded in this way, his readings are not always clear.

Bernardeschi 7 – Not so much in the middle of the game in the first half but he has the advantage of finding the goal soon after half an hour of non-trivial play, despite opponents’ faults. In the second half, the level of performance also rises. From 82 kylini sv

Zechariah 6.5 – A position in front of the defense, but when Juve accompanies the restart systematically and in the second half is also close to scoring: he confirms that he has the enviable timing of the inclusion.

Danilo 6.5 – In a complicated season, the Brazilian has always been a surefire for Allegri. Tonight the midfielder was deployed and the former City did not disappoint even in this role: with time his final goal ended 2-0.

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Rabiot 6.5 – If we start from the assumption that he is a fighting midfielder much more than a government midfielder, his performance can only be judged positively: he combines a good game in the containment phase with several tremors at the start of the second half. In the second half, he also found the goal, but he was in a slight offside position.

Vlahovic 6 – He goes to the doors with Igor, sacrificing himself at the altar of Juventus as he plays at the start of the second half. from 82 ken sv

Murata 6 – And like Vlahovic, he entered the race of great sacrifice. An important match from the point of view of commitment and has the advantage of putting the ball in the position from which Bernardeschi’s goal was born. From 66 Dybala 6 – Good effect with the match, especially in the defensive phase.

Massimiliano Allegri 6.5 – Set the game to reboots and the strategy turns out to be the winner. Juventus’ defensive performance was very strong.

Fiorentina Report Cards (by Niccol Basta)

Dragovsky 5 – He closed the mirror well in front of the Juventus attackers in the first half hour, but then read Morata’s cross very poorly which led to Bernardeschi’s goal. Fatal error determines the gender of his team.

come 6 – He keeps Juventus well when attacking in his lane. It is often seen in the crosshairs, but it is not always accurate to a cross. from 69′ Caligon 5.5 – He didn’t even waste time to enter Rabiot, who was able to sign with a 2-0 score, but luckily for him, the VAR gives him and disallows the goal for offside. Try to provide support in the final with several crosses that do not lead to the goal.

Martinez Quarta 5.5 – The Italian’s move in the last hour with Milinkovic’s loss aligns with Vlahovic, who is conceding one-on-one with plenty of pitch behind him, and saved a few occasions with clean and precise tackles. He was given a yellow card in the second half, where he faces a bigger problem, as he was easily jumped by Cuadrado to mark Danilo’s goal that ended the match.

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Igor 6 – He is often forced, like Martinez-Quarta, to play with plenty of pitches behind him in Juve’s counter-attacks, in keeping with his body and pace, even if it’s not the perfect match for him.

Biraghi 5 – Continuous push to the left, accompanied by saponara, but little tangential accuracy. Guilty, moreover, on the occasion of Bernardeschi’s goal: Dragowski reads Morata’s cross very poorly, but the refusal of the national team full-back is as wrong as the goalkeeper’s exit. It’s a gift for 20 to Juventus, who runs the match.

Duncan 5.5 – Too much substance in the middle, but also many technical errors in the construction phase. He’s not meticulous in improving actions and even at times trying to play in the last twenty metres, he often loses choice, with a few headshots for Cabral. from 79 ‘Malh sv

Torreira 6 – He tried to give order and balance to Fiorentina, played a huge amount of balls and interrupted several Juve transfers. The first to raise Viola’s pressure, he took a heavy blow shortly after the first half, affecting the first breakout final. He goes out at halftime due to an unstable physical condition. from 46′ Amrabat 6 – Along the lines of the Torreira match he plays a large number of balls, albeit without risking through the filters but all very close horizontally. He has a good chance in the final, but he kicks very lightly.

saponara 6 – In the role of the mid-wing and wing hybrid, he tries to give a quality to the Italian team’s maneuverability, with good inserts and a capacity that makes him prefer insertion into the spaces of his teammates. Good race, with two fun balls that served up his teammates and constant danger in the De Sciglio lane. from 63′ Thin 5.5 – He tried with his head down, but failed to change the face of the attack.

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Nico Gonzalez 5.5 – At the heart of the action, it lights up intermittently and without being able to dig.

Cabral 5.5 – He fights a lot with his back to goal, even in a clumsy but effective way. However, he has a few balls available for injury and is also the protagonist of a goal being “cancelled” for his team after a few minutes, saving on the line with a sure shot from Torreira. A good address and little else is not enough.

Icon 5 – Off center and very smoky, he is unable to give Fiorentina the change in pace, losing many balls and slowing down the maneuver with overly complex dribbling. He is also guilty of naively losing the ball, which then leads to the counter-attack that will lead to Bernardeschi’s goal: a very opaque game. Starting at 79 ‘PiÄ…tek sv

Vincenzo Italiano 5.5 – Fiorentina starts very well, they play their game but in a very confused way. The team creates a lot, reaches in the last twenty meters and makes many small technical mistakes, which endangers the closing of the action. He remained in the game despite neglect, but failed to resume qualifying despite unscrupulous changes. However, he came out with his head held high, in a double confrontation in which he deserved something more. The many absences had an impact on this second leg, but the regret goes back to the many mistakes Franchi made in the first leg.

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