Free Games Officially Announced April 28, 2022 –

Free Games Officially Announced April 28, 2022 –

Like every Thursday, Epic Games Store Announce what’s going to be new free gamesavailable from April 28, 2022 17:00, for all users of the digital store who already have active and unlimited accounts: Just Die and Paradigm.

Just Die is definitely a crazy title

Just already die It’s a physics-based open-world sandbox in which you drive some crazy old people, who have just been kicked out of a geriatric home, who have to roam the city and interact with the environment, possibly avoiding a meltdown…literally. The game is developed by the authors of Goat Simulator, which shares basic chaos.

The Just Die already reviewed

Just Die is really a crazy sandbox game with old heroes created by the authors of Goat Simulator.

Position yourself as a retiree living in the near future where there are no more children. Thanks to ungrateful millennials who would rather play video games than work properly, pensions can’t be paid. Since no one can cover your expenses, you find yourself (along with all the other seniors in the world) having to manage your expenses yourself.

How are you going to live in a world that just wants you to hurry up and die?
It gets worse: you’ve just been kicked out of your retirement home and you just have to accept serious challenges and explore the world in search of retirement tickets that qualify you for free retirement assistance.
Now that society wants you dead, isn’t it time to finally live a little?

Be old, but bold
You will play the role of an elderly person. Angry, weak, poor and the world hated: the dream you didn’t know you were dreaming of. You have finally found something in common with your grandparents.

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The model is a surreal adventure
The model is a surreal adventure

ModelInstead, it’s a surreal adventure set in the fictional country of Krusz, which is inspired by the countries of Eastern Europe. The player takes on the role of a cute mutant who is haunted by a terrible past, who has taken the form of a genetically modified sloth that throws candy.

Before leaving, we remind you that starting today, two new free games are available to download: Amnesia: Rebirth and Riverbond. Both will be free to download until April 28 at 4:59 PM.

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