Lazio’s birthday dinner, the story of the evening and the engagements of Lotito and Imobile

Lazio’s birthday dinner, the story of the evening and the engagements of Lotito and Imobile

10:45 p.m

Historic voice: Maurizio Manzini

During the evening, the historic manager of the team also spoke to the microphones of the Lazio Style channel, Maurizio Manzini: “I want to congratulate you on this beautiful evening, full of Lazio. A charming word, denoting a state of mind, a way of life based on the canons of loyalty and friendship. It will be a tough and competitive year, but we have the numbers to beat it.”

10:20 p.m

Lotito’s speech to the team

The sponsor spoke to the team this Christmas. He did not touch on current issues, but rather focused on the values ​​that Lazio stands for: “This meeting is special because we represent 123 years of history. Not everyone has it. Our history is based on principles that other companies have failed. In fact, we have been given the title of the Ethical Foundation, because its work aims to protect its values. When there were Olympic Games, wars were supported because Sport was above everything.In this club, merit shines as a key concept.We believe that football has enormous informative power and that it has a duty and a duty to take important initiatives.Our favorites have a different demeanor than many people.For 20 years I have had the opportunity to get to know the players And see the actions taken by many clubs. Our Lazio is represented by an authentic people. I wanted to start this evening off with fireworks for two reasons: to let go of the past year and start a new journey because we have the opportunity to do so. We do not advocate for people who adopt behaviors that are not in line with our values, we fight them. We don’t want to tarnish these 123 years with behaviors that speak of diversity. We want to help people that everyone considers different. We want to make sure that everyone considers Lazio as a family.”


Lazare is booed by the crowd

Manuel Lazzari He spoke to the journalists present about the 2-2 draw against Empoli and the team’s momentum: “We are three points behind fourth place, so the championship is long. Already since the game against Sassuolo, we have to win to relaunch ourselves. Naturally, the fans, after watching those 80 minutes, did not expect that final. Blackout. We are very sorry, we wanted Back to the Olympics by winning. We deserve boos, and we have to turn them into applause starting Sunday.”

9:30 p.m

Best wishes from Pedro and then the fireworks

I really like this place, it’s a pleasure to be here. It’s not our finest moment, but we are all united, we are a family. We talked and now I think we have to stay calm and face whatever comes from here until the end of the season. Our strength is feeling good together, locker room united. You have to appreciate these moments.” Pedro looks ahead and doesn’t think about the last two matches. There is a desire for salvation among the Biancocelesti players. Soon after, fireworks in honor of Lazio started outside the hotel.

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Cataldi talks about the team moment

also Danilo Cataldi She spoke to the microphones of Lazio Style Channel to tell the moment: “We wanted to have a different birthday, but let’s turn a blind eye to this night and take a chance and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We trained hard for a month, in Lecce we deserved to lose, yesterday we suffered two episodes and let ourselves recover. You don’t have to compromise on goals, you need to have more spite. Apart from these matches, the team is doing well, and we are already hoping to reverse gears with Sassuolo. It’s obviously an added responsibility for me, but there must be a stepping stone from the whole Lazio world.”


Provedel words in the evening

Everyone celebrates Lazio’s birthday, but we still think about the 2-2 draw against Empoli. Evan Providelon the Lazio Style channel mics, commented as follows: “I didn’t wear a tie because I don’t have one. Thinking about the championship, fortunately other teams haven’t worked much lately, but in the last two games we’ve only scored one point. I want to say that the important thing for us was the performance, the reaction and the resumption of the match compared to a match “Lecce. We conceded two goals in certain situations and we have to make sure that it does not happen again. The matches must be closed early.”


Words of former President Sergio Kragnotti

Late in the evening, on the New Sound Level frequencies, the words of Biancoceleste’s ex-boss also arrived, Sergio CragnottiBorn January 9: “We have a good team, it’s a special moment. There are times that make us enjoy or suffer like yesterday. This is a difficult tournament for everyone, as only Napoli appeared. Transfer market? January, yeah, he risks making a mistake, it’s difficult to make operations, I’ll put him off until June. Lazio will know.” How does he respect himself?


Dinner can begin, all players have arrived

Let the party begin. The last to arrive were Maximiano, Vicino, Luis Alberto and Cataldi. Dinner can begin. Lazio celebrates 123 years of history. Also among the guests are Tommaso Paradiso and Luigi De Cervo, CEO of Serie A.

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It’s time for Ciro Immobile and Milinkovic

They arrived in these minutes Cyrus fixedAccompanied by Jessica and Milinkovic with Natalia. Then it was the turn of Philip Anderson, Pedro, Pesc, Patrick and Romagnoli.

8:30 p.m

Patron Lotito also arrived

Gradually all players arrive, accompanied by their wives and girlfriends. At this time the president also entered the hotel Claudius Lotito. Then it was the turn of Maurizio Sarri and Igli Tari.

8:20 p.m

Lazio, here’s Christmas dinner

Event dinner at Waldorf Astoria Knights Rome for all Lazio that celebrates 123 years of history. January 9th is a special day in the Biancoceleste house. All the players were present, along with their families, staff and the full management. The scenario is the same as for Christmas dinner. A moment to stay together and form a group, but also to put yesterday’s bitter tie with Empoli behind us. Among the first to arrive are Mattia Zakani and Chiara Nasti.

Rome – Waldorf Astoria Knights

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