Milan National Museum of Science and Technology: a journey into space

Milan National Museum of Science and Technology: a journey into space

Close to Liberation Day, the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan opens the spaceship’s door wide from 09:30 to 18:00, with an unusual opening. Among the many space-themed activities for space lovers, there will be dedicated spaces suitable for the whole family, with explorations and activities geared for young and old. It will then be possible to enter the interactive laboratories to discover the topics of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, genetics, and nutrition, and to enjoy exhibitions and galleries for space enthusiasts.

In addition, the temporary exhibition Sociocromie, curated by architect and designer Giulio Seppi and dedicated to the historical and social value of color, will be open until Sunday, July 3, 2022. Free guided tours of the Transportation Department are always available on weekends and holidays., for children and pay at Leonardo Galleriesthe world’s largest exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, and within Enrico Totti submarine.

The National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan: activities for space lovers

Some of the activities of Space Lovers are:

  • Space: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – A series of guided tours relive the amazing history of space exploration.
  • With the front of the nose – a path intended for families, especially for children from 4 years of age to climb.
  • Space Section – An area of ​​the museum that contains great unpublished objects, interactive experiences, insights, and curiosities. This section is also home to the only section part of lunar rocks It is located in Italy. Other “relics” preserved there are the prototype of the Soviet lunar exploration suit called the Krechet, and Spacesuits by Samantha Cristoforetti Luca Parmitano. Both are worn by astronauts aboard the International Space Station.
  • visit to Merz-Repsold Large Telescope
  • Fragility and Beauty – Taking the pulse of our planet from space An exhibition promoted by the European Space Agency in cooperation with the Italian Space Agency.
  • visit to Vega missile – 1:1 scale model of the first carrier developed by ESA and Avio, located in the museum’s outdoor spaces.
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To learn more about the initiative, also read our dedicated article.

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