Serie A: Juventus – Atalanta 3-3, a daring draw at Calcio

Serie A: Juventus – Atalanta 3-3, a daring draw at Calcio

Juventus vs Atalanta 3-3 Record For the nineteenth day of the Italian League Championship


In the 65th minute, Juventus vs Atalanta 3-3 – Danilo brings the Bianconeri back into level with a shot from the edge of the area

In the 53rd minute, Juventus – Atalanta 2-3 – La Dea takes the lead again with a goal from Lookman, his brace for the night

In the 46th minute, Juventus – Atalanta 2-2 – Maehle for the guests to bring the match back to a draw

In the 35th minute, Juventus vs Atalanta 2-1 – Juventus striker Milik scores with an assist from Fagioli and turns the score around

In the 25th minute, Juventus – Atalanta 1-1 – Di Maria Adel the Bianconeri from a penalty kick after a mouse

In the fifth minute, Juventus – Atalanta 0-1 – La Dea immediately opened the deadlock with a goal from Lookman, who took advantage of a mistake by Juventus goalkeeper Szczesny

Draw and review in the stadium between Juventus and Atalanta. Between passing and counter-pasting, it finally closed 3-3: Di Maria and Lookman are the best on the field, but Allegri and Gasperini have to review their respective defensive phases. a point, after all, of little use to both. The atmosphere is boiling due to the decision of the International Football Association Court of Appeal to penalize the team with 15 points: the black and white cheer makes itself heard, between the boos during the Italian League anthem and the anti-League chants.. Outside the stadium, however, a banner was hung reading: “Serie A or B, we are always here only for Juventus FC”. On field issues, Allegri confirmed Di Maria from the first minute behind Milik with Keiza and Kane on the bench. Rabiot is recovering in midfield and playing with Fagioli, Locatelli, Mackenni and Costi on the lanes and the defensive trio is all Brazilian as usual with Danilo, Bremer and Alex Sandro.

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Gasperini misses the suspended Copminers but still lifts Boga’s start with Hoglund and Luckmann, Hatibor and Maihle playing outside and the midfielders being formed by Ederson and De Roon. There is a lot of curiosity to see the approach of the Bianconeri after the 15-point sting, the start could not be worse: Lookman entered the area and fired with his right foot, Szczesny bobbing on his post and Atalanta are already 5 “. Soon after, the Bianconeri protested the contact of Palomino Milik, who continued Marinelli from Tivoli on him, then the central defender raised the flag after a quarter of an hour due to physical problems and was replaced by former player Demiral.. Juventus begins to attack more persistently, Fagioli and Di Maria go down to the area and the Argentine runs after the referee to ask for VAR’s intervention. On the first useful break, Marinelli sees Ederson’s foul touch on the screen and Fideo from the spot he displaces Musso 1-1. It’s a positive moment for the Bianconeri, in the 35th minute the comeback is complete: Lookman loses the ball on the way out and infuriates Gasperini, Di Maria creates a back-heel for Fagioli who crosses in the middle and Milik hits the goalkeeper with a right-footed shot for the Nerazzurri.

Juventus finished the first half ahead, but the approach in the second half was again disastrous: after 35 seconds, Danilo gave a “bloody” ball that the Europeans exploited to the fullest, putting Lukeman Mehle in front of Szczesny and the Dane. He did nothing wrong. Atalanta understands that it is time to strike, and in the 53rd minute a new counter-slash arrives with the Nigerian unleashed, fired by Alex Sandro, his double-header on a cross from Bogha. The new defect pushes Allegri into a more attacking setup with Chiesa instead of Kostic, but the equalizer comes from a defender: the free kick from the edge succeeds perfectly, Di Maria touches Danilo with the barrier that opens and it’s 3-3. Therefore, the coach chose to change the attacking duo, focusing on Meriti Kane, and in the final he re-launched Cuadrado, who will appear for the first time in 2023. The result did not change anymore, Juventus and Atalanta stopped after six goals: the Bianconeri climbed to 23, but they are still in a struggle in Mid-table, overtaken by Roma Nerazzurri and dropped to fifth place outside the Champions League region.

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