Milan – Udinese, Florenzi: “We all have to be on the same side”

Milan – Udinese, Florenzi: “We all have to be on the same side”

Alessandro Florenzi, the Milan player, spoke to “Sky Sports” at the end of the match between Milan and Udinese, round 11 of the Italian League 2023-2024.

Alessandro Florenzi, the Italian club AC Milan player, spoke to “Sky Sports“At the end of Milan UdineseToday’s match 11 of Italian League 2023-2024 what happened inSan Siro‘. So here are his statements.

at the moment“I’ll start from afar. The performance with Juve up to the sending off and even after that was really good. We definitely did something wrong with PSG, in Napoli we deserved to win based on what we expressed. Tonight we were missing something. Clarity, we lost a lot of Balls In my opinion, it all starts from the clarity required in certain moments: I will give an example but not to the referee, if a Reinders strike goes in at the beginning of the second half, “The game has changed. But tonight it looked like if you shot it 25 times it wouldn’t go in.”

About how to get out of a difficult moment“We must all argue on the same side: from first to last in Milanello, from first to last the fans that matter to us and they showed that tonight as well, they sang from beginning to end.”

On Paris Saint-Germain“We have to play the game of life, differently than today’s game. We have the characteristics to play a real game. Of course you have to want things but how you want them, not the result that matters. I would rather lose a match with Juventus where we played well, than “The loss tonight is where we missed something.”

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