Zirkzee likes Inter very much: Derby with Milan, and this is Marotta's plan

Zirkzee likes Inter very much: Derby with Milan, and this is Marotta's plan

Inter plan

The fact that Zirkzee is being considered (very seriously) as a replacement for another striker, Janoane Gudmundsson, gives an idea of ​​the Nerazzurri's ambition after the star. It goes without saying that the Dutchman would not only be a valuable replacement behind Thula, but could quietly replace the owners, if interesting offers arrive: Marcos, for example, has an 85 million release clause that must be taken care of in the coming months. In any case, in the preparatory phase, Inter will need to equip themselves with sufficient ammunition to attempt this feat, without betraying the golden rule of the market: do not spend more than you collect.

On this basis we can exploit that tightrope with Emilia named Giovanni Fabian, a 20-year-old vertically rising midfielder who is now owned by the Bologna prodigy, but who has never left the Nerazzurri's 'control'. In fact, there is an exclusive buyback option for €12m in 2025 by Inter: this, in theory, prevents Saputo from making a much more expensive future sale. Renegotiating and perhaps abandoning this possibility in order to reduce Zarqazi's price is a tangible possibility.

The sacrificed one

There is also an almost “obligatory” sacrifice on the Dutchman's altar: Valentin Carbone, another nugget of custody. It seems that the Nerazzurri are no longer tearing their hair out at the thought of losing the 20-year-old talent who has already played for Argentina under Messi: given his characteristics, he fits into Inzaghi's strict 3-5-2 formation and €20 million checks have already been rejected. £1 offered to him by Fiorentina in January. Simply put, for Inter, it is worth $30, and at Viale della Liberazione there is confidence that a buyer, perhaps an English one, could soon be found willing to go for that number. It will be a crucial treasure to be 'used' in the pursuit of Zirkzee, perhaps adding more money to be made with the home boys: from Stankovic Junior to Zanotti up to the two Espositos, the panorama here is diverse. These would be acceptable sacrifices for the greater good: a truly superior attack with a new African bush in the middle.”is being read.

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