“The ball was lost so easily. VAR should not interfere with uncertainties. You drink tea and let him play without causing this phenomenon.”

Talk in the post-Milan-Roma match Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho Dazen

the match?
“We were always in the game, 2-0 and then 2-1, until Karsdorp was sent off. But it’s a low-tech game. We lost the ball very easily. Very low quality, but we were always in the game. To talk about quality and technical issues, unfortunately “I must also talk about the referee and VAR technology. I still haven’t received any pictures as it’s obviously a penalty. Tammy was seen opening her arm but it wasn’t clear. Aureliano was at home but wanted to be here, so she intervened. I requested a clip but I didn’t.” I can find it. If Zaniolo and Ibanez don’t get a penalty, that penalty won’t count. Of the 3 penalties only 1 foot, why? Why would you give one? I wouldn’t give something, but why would you give it? Our low technical level as well as the level of referee Which we weren’t so lucky.”

It depends on whether you take Abraham’s toughness or against it. If I had been with Milan, I would have asked for the right penalty. If I were from Rome, I would have said that the ball did not change direction.
“I said it all. If you say you want the toughness on one side, and if you’re on the other side you don’t give it, then the VAR should not interfere in uncertain matters. Drink the tea and let him play. If the VAR wants to do this phenomenon he steps in and calls the referee. who has no personality. He was at the San Siro in front of the screen. Goodbye, we’re young.”

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It’s a questionable situation.
“Exactly it is questionable. I cannot and do not want to hide the fact that from a global technical point of view we have done a bad job.”

You are always inside the game but then you look at the order you are missing.
“We are where our quality is and where our judging rings brought us. We are there. We could have had 3 points or a few more points, but here we are. If you look at the second goal and the penalty, we are the ones setting the measures for the opponent. We committed a lot of Technically the errors, but I did not feel any organizational or tactical problems. The technical quality that allows you to have a superior game is missing. But I do not understand the work of the referee in the game and the VAR system in the office.”

Absences against Juventus or the result: What is your most weight?
“Now the result. I’m already thinking about the next bus or plane. We want to get better. Also with the transfer market, let’s see if we can finish some negotiations before the next round, even if they don’t train with us.”

Mourinho at the press conference

What match was it?
“I didn’t like my team and the referee. We were always in the match even with 1-0 and more with a 2-0 draw, but with a low technical level; we lost balls in very easy situations. The lack of technical quality that didn’t allow us to build more. The character is always there, but the level Tech was really low.”

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What do you think of arbitrage?
“It’s hard to understand the referee and VAR. I’ve been with Roma for 6/7 months and I’m used to it, but it’s something you don’t have to get used to. I haven’t seen a picture where Ibrahim is really strict. It’s not known if he touches the ball or not. No. Farr Referee can’t contact Referee in terrible doubt. I asked Referee to send me the picture in Trigoria because we can’t see any of it. Then the second penalty, if you rate other episodes like the one about Zaniolo, where’s the difference? Convicts I have the judges with some explanation, the visual. I should understand his decisions a little. If they send me the pictures I will be the first to ask for their apologies.”

What do you think of the welcome at the San Siro?
“When I see how the San Siro reacted, I am very happy. I owned Milan three years ago who wanted me in Milan and after three days I decided not to do it, I am very happy to make this decision. I am very professional, but there is space for feelings and hostility to emotions.” I am passionate about Roma, I will give everything for Rome. But to come back, after what happened today, I am doubly happy with what I answered. They came but I said ‘come home, I won’t go’.

Mourinho to the official channels in Rome

“Even before the penalty kick, there is immediately a 50-50 ball in front of the bench in the first seconds: we catch the ball, the Milan player continues to play and the referee immediately sets a side foul in a dangerous position. After the first penalty … I now asked the referee in the dressing room Clothes quietly if he can send me a clip where you can see it’s a penalty, because we can’t see it. There is no clear picture where it turns out to be a rigor. The honorable gentleman of VAR called the referee in 3 minutes of play, to give a penalty we can’t see. We need to understand the picture they saw to say it’s strict. The last penalty kick with Liao is the same or similar to the one on Zaniolo and Ibanez. For me they are Rigorini and I don’t like them. But if you give one, you have to give three. I’ve been in Rome since Six months and I’m used to it now. I’ve been here for six months and you understand a lot, especially when you play against top teams. But I obviously don’t want to hide the fact that we played a technically awful match. We were always in the game until Karsdorp was sent off. 2-0 we were in the game, 2-1 we were very much in the game De Mainan is wonderful. But we made a lot of mistakes from a technical point of view. You see their second goal or second penalty kick, we were wrong a lot.”

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