Buffon and Cassano at Juventus: “We tried, it would have been good for him”

Buffon and Cassano at Juventus: “We tried, it would have been good for him”

As a guest on BoboTv, the Parma goalkeeper recounts: “He would have continued at Juventus, and having him with us would have improved him.”

Gigi Buffon He is considered by many to be the strongest goalkeeper in football history. A personal issue between Yashin, Zof and Al Nuer. But the Parma goalkeeper has certainly written seminal pages in the yellow and blue jersey, Juventus and the national team. With the short experience at PSG in between.

Buffon has been a guest on BoboTv, the Twitch channel where Bobo Vieri, Lilly Adani, Nicola Ventola and Antonio Cassano host great football personalities from the past, but not only. In the chat, the 45-year-old Parma goalkeeper also revealed an anecdote about Cassano himself.

The latter has often stated that he said no to Juventus proposals during his most important years as a footballer. Even Buffon tried to convince him, but to no avail.

“We tried, he would have had luck and good luck. But he just didn’t get it.” Buffon said. “I knew him well, I loved him and still do. Even with his limitations and excesses that make him special, he was such a great talent that he deserved to play for Juventus and it would have benefited him. It would have made him an better career.”

Cassano also launched a search for a Juventus kit that would have wanted Paris in black and white and not Buffon himself:

“Did everyone move to Juventus to have me? Absolutely everyone moved, except for Del Piero. Believe me.”

With Buffon shaking his head, before answering Cassano, doubting how long he was going to last in black and white with his character:

“In my opinion, you would have continued, you had respect for Giorgio (Cellini, ed.). You are competitive, you are competitive, you love football and you like to show off your talent. When I started playing equal matches, Juventus – Milan, Juventus and Juventus Real Madrid, in my opinion, then I understood That it might have been worth keeping quiet now and then. But playing those games over there.”

In the long interview with Buffon, I also touched Paris Saint-Germain season:

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“The best experience of my life, the biggest mistake of my career, I gave up 10 million. They wanted to let Ariola play, I couldn’t accept it a priori. Only those who deserved. I would have accepted something like this only with a return home, to Juventus. And in fact I did it. In Paris I felt like I was in the heart of the world, satisfied.”

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