How does it affect our health?

How does it affect our health?

Noise pollution has harmful effects on our bodies and can become a major problem that can affect our daily life. To raise awareness of the problem of noise in homes and workplaces, World Noise Awareness Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April, which will be the 26th this year. A calendar that highlights the need to look for solutions to isolate our home from external noise and improve the quality of life. According to the data he deals with Cronos HousesOne of the leading real estate development companies in Spain and Portugal, Two out of ten Spaniards have noise problems Produced by neighbors or from abroad.

Noise pollution is present Excessive and persistent environmental noise over time It results from human actionIt generates discomfort and has serious consequences for physical and psychological health. Suffering from this problem at home is especially annoying, as our home is a place designated for rest, leisure activities, and spending quality time.

Within noise pollution, two types of noise generation sources must be distinguished: Which is produced inside homes and which is produced outside. Inside our homes, noise pollution can come from household appliances or a barking dog. On the other hand, noise from outside could be due to cars passing on a nearby road, working in the street or disturbing neighbors, among other possibilities.

Noise pollution can come from various sources. These are the most common:

passage It is one of the main sources of noise pollution, especially in homes located near roads and highways.

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traffic Homes located under weatherways tolerate noise levels much higher than required.

Urban works. Urban businesses are responsible for a significant amount of noise pollution, albeit of a temporary nature.

the animals. A dog's barking and howling can be considered noise pollution as it can reach 80 decibels.

Devices Operating household appliances, such as washers and dryers, are a source of noise, although noise pollution is mainly from radio, television, or music equipment with powerful speakers.

Restoration and night entertainment. Bars and restaurants, especially if they have outdoor terraces, are a source of noise that residents of the area suffer from.

Constant exposure to noise levels higher than recommended can have negative consequences for our physical and psychological health. The main adverse effects are as follows:

1. Hearing loss

Long-term exposure to noise pollution can lead to a reduction in hearing ability and, in more serious cases, hearing loss.

2. Psychological problems

Faced with a constant source of noise, the pulse quickens, heartbeat increases, and the person becomes irritable or may experience stomach cramps or headaches.

3. Deteriorating health condition

Noise pollution can raise blood pressure or cause cardiovascular problems. It is also harmful to maintain the body's balance when suffering from diabetes.

4. Sleep disturbance

One of the most important direct results of excessive noise is lack of rest, especially during the night, which causes insomnia, discomfort, and nervousness.

5. Less concentration

Noise prevents proper focus, resulting in decreased productivity and poor performance.

6. Mood changes

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Not getting enough rest as a result of noise pollution makes people appear tired and suffer from behavioral problems, such as aggression or irritability.

7. Nervousness in animals and pets

Pets and animals are particularly sensitive to loud, continuous noises, which sometimes leads to anxiety or sudden personality changes.

8. Psychological problems

Noise pollution can cause problems with stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue in people who suffer from it.

9. Difficulties with memory and attention

Constant noise leads to problems with attention and memory, making it difficult for those who, for example, are studying for an exam or preparing for an exam.

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