Kurt Hamren dies at 89: Farewell to the Fiorentina flag – Football

Kurt Hamren dies at 89: Farewell to the Fiorentina flag – Football

Another sticker that comes from the album of memories, this one was blonde and worth a lot. In a season that has taken many great footballers in the past, the eighty-nine-year-old Kurt Hamren He represents a moment of extremely high intensity and sophistication: he was an exceptional striker, an explosive right winger who knew how to shoot from every position, with his right and his left, and he scored mountains of goals: as many as 190 in Serie A, where only eight champions in history have performed better.

Fiorentina flag

Kurt Hamren is primarily associated with the exploits of Shirts Swedenfrom Fiorentina Born in Milan, between the end of the fifties and the roaring sixties. In the meantime, let's find out when he reached the final of the Rimet Cup, that is, the World Cup, against the great leather: It was 1958, and Little bird She was already flying. This was actually Hamren's nickname, due to his extremely agile but not fragile athletic build, and his agility of play which often made him unhitchable by opposing defenders.

Kurt Hamren, the magic number 7 named Uccellino: “Our fair football”

Gianni Mora

Agnelli brought him to Juventus

Before we approached the sublime grandeur of that Brazil (but even Sweden, at that time, wasn't kidding), the agile Kurt risked becoming a symbol of Juventus when Attorney Agnelli He saw him play and wanted him. Legend has it that one of the miners told him this in a sentimental letter. Whatever the case, Hammerin was banned in Turin due to injuries but also – as the sly says – due to the jealousy of Boniperti, who thought he could be held back by the blond boy. And so he was sold to Padova and then to Fiorentina, the team of his life, the shirt in which only Batistuta could score more.

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Scudetto and Champions Cup for Milan

In Florence, Hammerin not only won the Serie A title (but, among other things, the Cup Winners' Cup and two Italian Cups), twice finished second and made himself desirable in the entire football transfer market: Inter wanted him, Torino wanted him, but it was Milan It worked in 1967, when the little bird was 33 years old. With the Rossoneri, Hamren regained the European Cup Winners' Cup (a brace in the final against Hamburg in 1968), but more importantly he won the Italian League and the European Cup in 1969. His career between Napoli and Stockholm ended quietly. .

In Coverciano he taught football to children

Kurt Hamren loved Italy so much, he decided to live in Coverciano with his wife (50 years of marriage celebrated in 2005) and with their five children. For a long time he taught football to children and teenagers CetinianiHe lived a completely normal life, a life that he began as a worker, then a printer, and ended as a ceramics merchant before the Chinese market forced him to close. He too, the blond Kurt, was after all a delicate, shiny porcelain.

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