Live, Berrettini in the semi-finals in Stuttgart: will challenge Musetti Live

Live, Berrettini in the semi-finals in Stuttgart: will challenge Musetti Live

Stuttgart (Germany) – everyone’ATP 250 in StuttgartIn Germany, Berrettini did not make any mistakes against Australian Duckworth, winning in two sets (6-4, 7-5) and reaching the semi-finals, where he will face Musetti thanks to Bublik’s withdrawal due to a physical problem. Follow everything live…


Musetti: “Bublik? A talented competitor and difficult to face.”

The direct words of the tennis player from Carrara after the victory over Bublik, who was forced to retire in Stuttgart: “It’s hard to find concentration against him: he hits a lot of drop balls, can serve low, hit aces with his second serve, and you never know what he’s going to do. He’s really talented and I find it difficult to play against him in the game I play. I played it at the beginning of the season and lost in the third set (in the quarter-finals in Adelaide, defeated 3-6, 7-6 (4), 5-7, ed.) and I hope to play it again soon“.


Musetti Berrettini, former 2022, smiles at Carrara

Lorenzo and Matteo return to competition after the 250 final in Naples in 2022: on that occasion, the 22-year-old Toscan won the second title of his career, defeating the Romanian in two sets (7-6 (5), 6-2).


Musetti, first semi-final on grass

Having archived the match against Bublik (who had to retire), the tennis player from Carrara will play the first semi-final of his career tomorrow (Saturday 15 June) on grass, the surface on which he can express himself at his best: waiting It’s the blue derby with Matteo Berrettini with the final goal.


Musetti returns to the semi-finals of the ATP Tour

Carrarino returns to the penultimate chapter of the ATP tournament next Chengdu In September 2023: On that occasion he lost the match to Roman Safoulin, who won 6-3, 6-4.


ATP Stuttgart, Musetti-Berrettini deserves the final

The Italian derby is scheduled for Stuttgart. Lorenzo and Matteo will compete tomorrow, Saturday 15 June, in the semi-finals: access to the final stage of the German Championship is now up for grabs.


ATP Stuttgart Bublik withdraws

After losing the first match, the Kazakh player decided to leave Stuttgart due to unspecified physical problems.

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Bublik withdraws at the start of the third set and Musetti in the semi-finals

The Kazakh raises the white flag due to a physical problem: Musetti thus qualifies for the semi-finals in Stuttgart. He will challenge Berrettini.


Musetti-Public 1-0 (4-6, 6-1)

The decisive part of the match begins with Carrarino breaking.


Musetti wins the second set, Public Co

The blue player re-tied the match after conceding, in the last match of the group, only one goal and 15 for the Kazakh tennis player: 6-1 to Carrino after an hour and 13 minutes of the match.


Musiti Public 5-1 (0-1)

Another break from the blue that wins the game with advantages. The third group is now one step away.


Musiti Public 4-1 (0-1)

Musetti takes a risk but holds serve and breaks the lead.


Musiti Public 3-1 (0-1)

Bublik stopped the bleeding and won the match 3-1, snapping Musetti’s streak of three straight matches.


Musiti Public 3-0 (0-1)

Mosetti goes further, producing an excellent performance on his serve and taking a 3-0 lead over Bublik.


Musiti Public 2-0 (0-1)

Immediate break for Musetti as he tries to control the second set.


Musiti Public 1-0 (0-1)

Musetti started serving again and did not commit any errors, taking a 1-0 lead at the start of the second set.


Bublik wins the first set 6-4, Moseti Ko

Musetti did not miss a serve, but Bublik did the same and closed the first set 6-4.


Musiti Public 3-5

Bublik consolidates the lead break. Now Musetti is working to stay in the group.


Musiti Public 3-4

Broke by Bublik, who broke Musetti’s serve after a long match. Blue must be chased.


Musiti Public 3-3

Bublik holds serve, and the situation remains balanced.


Musiti Public 3-2

Bublik holds serve at zero, but Musetti is unfazed by his turn and gets back on top.


Musetti-Public 2-1

Bublik holds serve, Musetti does the same with power and takes a 2-1 lead.


Musetti-Public 1-0

Musetti cancels a break point and holds serve.


Musetti-Bublik begins

Another Italian on the field, it was Musetti’s turn against Bublik. We start with the Italian service.

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Berrettini’s breakthrough performance

Berrettini wins and convinces, delivering a strong performance both on serve and long passes. There is no way Duckworth would beat Mathieu today, he is much stronger and sharper. Physically, Blue is still in good shape. Now he will be cheering for Musetti against Bublik.


Berrettini wins the second set 7-5!

Berrettini won the second set 7-5, finishing the match against Duckworth, who went out 6-4, 7-5. Matteo travels to the semi-finals and awaits the winner between Musetti and Bublik.


Berrettini-Duckworth 6-5 (1-0)

A break from Berrettini in the most important moments of the match. Duckworth misses three forehands and gives Mathieu the match. Now the blue player needs to go to the semi-finals in Stuttgart.


Berrettini-Duckworth 5-5 (1-0)

Berrettini does not flinch when serving, the new equalizer.


Berrettini-Duckworth 4-5 (1-0)

Berrettini remains balanced, applying pressure but Duckworth holds on. Berrettini is working to stay in the group.


Berrettini-Duckworth 3-3 (1-0)

Berrettini takes a risk in the first part of the game, then gets up and closes with the usual ace.


Berrettini-Duckworth 2-3 (1-0)

Berrettini did not capitalize on three consecutive break points, while Duckworth saved himself and held serve.


Berrettini-Duckworth 1-2 (1-0)

Despite struggling and taking the lead, Duckworth held serve and went into the break at 2-1.


Berrettini-Duckworth 1-1 (1-0)

With four aces (three in a row), Berrettini finished the match very quickly.


Berrettini-Duckworth 0-1 (1-0)

We start again with Duckworth holding serve without issue.


Berrettini wins the first set 6-4!

Duckworth canceled two set points, but on the third attempt Berrettini closed out with an ace and won the first set 6-4.


Berrettini-Duckworth 5-3

Berrettini leads in two games. Now Duckworth is working to stay in the group.


Berrettini-Duckworth 4-2

Berrettini goes for the break and extends it to 4-2.


Berrettini-Duckworth 3-2: Break from Matteo!

First break of the match, Berrettini breaks Duckworth’s serve and leads 3-2 before serving.


Berrettini-Duckworth 2-2

Another round, same story: they both keep their terms and don’t risk anything. Total balance.

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Berrettini-Duckworth 1-1

Berrettini holds serve at zero and returns the first game won by Duckworth.


Berrettini-Duckworth begins

Off we go, back to Duckworth.


Berrettini on the pitch, then Musetti

Berrettini’s warm-up has begun, and it will begin soon. After the match with Matteo, Musetti will play against Bublik.


Berrettini will be on the pitch soon

There were only a few minutes left before the match between Berrettini and Duckworth began. The players are scheduled to warm up soon.


Berrettini-Musetti in the semi-finals?

The first semi-final of the Stuttgart tournament is over, and it will be a Nakashima-Draper showdown. The other could be all-Italian if Berrettini and Musetti win their two matches in the quarter-finals. In this case, the Italian would certainly be in the final.


Draper eliminates Tiafoe in a tiebreaker

With a score of 7-5, 4-6, 6-7 (1), Draper eliminated Tiafoe from the Stuttgart tournament and reached Nakashima in the semi-finals, having qualified due to Struff’s loss.


Tiafoe-Draper locks in, Berrettini sets up

The match between Tiafoe and Draper reached the final stages: 6-5 for the Briton in the third set. After this match, Berrettini will move to the main court.


Musetti-Bublik ex

Bublik has won his previous two matches against Musetti: in 2022 in Queens and last January in the ATP quarterfinals in Adelaide.


The new challenge between Berrettini and Duckworth

There is no precedent between Berrettini and Duckworth, today’s match will be new. The Australian is ranked 101st in the ATP rankings and the Italian 95th.


Draper wins the second set and Berrettini waits

Draper equalized the score by winning the second set over Tiafoe (7-5, 4-6). We move to the third and decisive group, and then it is Berrettini’s turn.


It’s raining in Stuttgart, Berrettini and Musetti

The challenge between Diafoe and Draper, which preceded Berrettini’s challenge, was interrupted by rain for several minutes, then resumed. Blue is waiting, but it’s too late to start.

Stuttgart (Germany)

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