Julia Bird, the sister of the legendary John Lennon

Julia Bird, the sister of the legendary John Lennon

Just a name is enough John Lennon Let’s open our hearts to the memories and moments associated with the magic of his words and songs that have marked the history of world music, with these the Beatles that quickly conquered the 1960s, becoming global legends. What not everyone knows is that the author and musician own it A sister named Julia Birdwith whom he had a very special relationship and which preserves some of the most important testimonies about his brother and the historical British band.

Julia Bird, the sister of the legendary John Lennon

Born on March 5, 1947, Julia Bird, a former teacher (now retired) and well-known British author. But what makes her “famous” is certainly the association with the legend of John Lennon, who is her half-sister. Julia and John, actually Only brothers from my mother Julia Stanley (yes, they both had the same name) while the parents were different.

As exceptionally said to Serena Bortone microphones a Today is another dayIn April 2022, the two brothers met for a very short time Separately and in different homesdue to a woman who greatly influenced the life of what would become a musical legend: “When I was born I lived in the same house with John – she said – then we moved with my mum and dad to a different house. Instead Jon went to live with his aunt Mimi, an ‘important character,'”Mothers of five sisters and whatever she said, the others didAnd that he decided, in fact, that Lennon should not be raised in what he called “the house of perdition.” He did everything to get it, even called social services and prevented him from seeing his mother and sisters.

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But you know the power of love is stronger than anything else, and so John, young as he was, was able to track down his mother and his two sisters, Julia and Jackie. Since the age of four, Julia Bird has had the opportunity to grow up side by side Lennonwhich – which He has always been her older brother And with whom he continued to have an excellent relationship, until the terrible December 8, 1980, the day of his death.

Julia and John, the special relationship with the mother

John Lennon was Julia Bird’s half-brother, but he was a model and role model for her. Just like, after all, it was theirs Mom Julia Stanley. A special woman probably owes Lennon’s passion for music. Mrs. Stanley played the banjo, guitar, and accordion She was the first to teach little John at the time to play Some musical instruments.

loss of mother whose death occurred in 1958Turned the lives of Julia Bird and John Lennon upside down. An accident has pushed her away in a tragic way but this didn’t in the least affect the relationship between the two, quite the opposite. In pain they find another reason to stay united, closer and closer.

Julia Bird is a precious source of memories and testimonies

If there’s one credit we should give Julia Bird it’s an appreciation for Treasure a precious treasure of memories And unique testimonies about brother John Lennon and the Beatles. Although life situations kept them away from them for some time, Julia and Jun They have not lost that feeling of family that always unites them and the author has tried several times to put pen to paper this special bond.

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He did it the first time in the book John Lennon, my brother Written with Jeffrey Giuliano, then in language Imagine this – I grew up with my brother John Lennonthe text that inspired film no place boy in 2009. Finally, in 2022 Julia Bird collaborated to craft Listen, do you want to know a secret? Written by Italian writer Annamaria de Caroli.

Julia Bird made a commitment in memory of her brother John Lennon

Julia Bird’s commitment is not limited to writing books and memoirs. John Lennon’s sister Actively participate in his home Liverpool as honorary president of strawberry field centerrecently reopened and born from the ashes of an old orphanage where young John used to resort to playing to which he dedicated one of the most famous Beatles songs of all time (Strawberry Fields Forever).

Bird is also active in Rebuilding the Cave Club, the legendary place where John Lennon and the Beatles had their first concerts. A magical place, where the soul of one of the most beloved musical legends of all time still echoes.

Julia Bird, sister of John Lennon

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