June 7, 2023

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Gianni Spirti, torn by Paola Barali: “At that time he did not have …”

Paola Barali never spared harsh words against her ex-husband Gianni Spirti, who had long been a hanger at the court of Queen Mary.

Obviously, the memory of the showgirl from Piedmont is far from rosy his wedding. The recognition you don’t expect…

Paola Barral vs. Gianni Spiretti Yopi

When They met and then betrothed Finally- Married / Married The Italians were over the moon: what a couple! But then Something Divorced and married Unfortunately endedleaving in the mouth a great feeling of bitterness and anguish in the hearts of the concerned fans who lived The news of the end of their love How Kind of a blue bolt. Bolts of lightning that never stop camping over their heads because they are not on good terms at all…

I poured the beans

He, though, has been working side by side for a long time Maria DevilipiThe undisputed queen of media networks, as a constant commentator, does not like to talk about her private life, which must necessarily remain that way. He always tried not to talk about his ex and when he did he indicated that he didn’t have much to say. But – at a certain point – she decided “empty bag”.

I poured the beans

years ago Paula Barali He argued with his remarks in Gianni Sperti. The presenter declared – briefly – that she had no good memories of her ex-husband and their marriage. “We met in Buona Domenica. He danced so well and because he’s such a tough guy, he made me look so good. We danced together, and we danced while we danced, and we got to the wedding, which ended.” I loved him so much. There is not much left, we are lost. Since the day we broke up, we have only seen each other in court. There is no good memory left.”

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Paola Barali talks about marriage to Gianni Spirti
Paola Barral vs. Gianni Spiretti Yopi

Women, now in force in the cast Dancing with the stars, she returned to talk about her ex-husband on Maurizio Costanzo’s show. asked Pio and Amedeo Simon Ventura What did the columnist do? men and women and his ex-wife. “What have Paola Barali and Gianni Spirti had in common for years? A: A passion for dancing. B: The same eyebrows as a seagull. A: The ability to make money on TV without doing shit.” Paola Barale decided to answer instead of Super Simo and said – frankly – that’s something in common with Gianni He has the ability to stay on TV without knowing how to do it.

These are his exact words on the matter: “No, his eyebrows were different at the time. I’ll tell you the answer, C. By the time he hasn’t done his eyebrows yet, He didn’t have a beautician.”