News from La Seu d'Urgell, Alt Urgell and the Pyrenees

News from La Seu d'Urgell, Alt Urgell and the Pyrenees

The Cultural Week of the Municipal Music School of La Seu d'Urgell presents the conference and presentation.History of Music: The Ancient Period of Romanticismresponsible for John Carandel. The session, which is free to enter and open to all, will be held at 2:40 pm in the Immaculada Hall.

Carandel, a painter and great lover of music, will present a collection of compositions, scenographies and musical works embodied in color and form. It is presented in detail by periods, within the project.History of music (in painting)' It started in 1989. The successive mission depends on the path and development of the music. Each stage represents the musical specificity of the moment and the beloved composition of its authors, in the service of music. The author found in drawing a way to express the personal message of his human condition.

Joan Carandel studied at the School of Fine Arts in Girona and expanded his training first in Barcelona and then in Florence. Midway between photography and abstraction, he defends painting as a means of announcing through shapes and colors one's essence. We can find in his works elements related to music, in which he describes the spirit of different eras, especially Beethoven's time.

The features of his art are the lines that directly describe the event, in addition to the abstract shapes that frame the scene in which the event occurs. You work with sublime vitality. They are both symbolic and narrative drawings, sometimes with a level of pure plasticity. Since his first solo exhibition in Girona in 1977, he has never stopped exhibiting throughout Spain and abroad, and has been recognized on several occasions.

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