Did Gasoline and Diesel Prices Really Go Down Thanks to the Government’s Cut in Excise Fees?

Did Gasoline and Diesel Prices Really Go Down Thanks to the Government’s Cut in Excise Fees?

The Cost of Gasoline, Diesel and LPG Keep going. The fuel price It dropped a few weeks ago, mainly thanks to cut production fee submitted by Draghi government It is valid until April 20. But is the reduction in cost for the distributor due only to the government?

The latest feature On fuel prices allow us to understand the impact of the required action by the government in exchange for expensive gasoline and analyze how much net cost – So excluding excise duty and VAT – It has been changed in recent days.

The trend in the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG

let’s start from The price at the gas station. Posted feature April 4 The latest data for the period from March 28 to April 3. total price of Gas – Weekly average – stands at 1792 euros per liter diesel 1788 and gpl 0.829.

Compare this data with that of March 28 clear one coming downGasoline last week cost 1,870 euros, diesel 1,857 and LPG 0.843. Back another week, al March 21 (When the production duty reduction was not yet in effect), the price rose to €2.137 per liter for gasoline, 2.124 for diesel, and 0.876 for LPG.

Besides being The total price of gasoline has decreasedlast week the effectvalue added tax: From 0.337 EUR to 0.323 EUR per liter for gasoline, from 0.335 to 0.322 for diesel and from 0.152 to 0.149 for LPG.

Net fuel cost (excluding production charges)

The other parameter to consider is that of net fuel cost. As of April 4, the price is €0.991 per liter Gas1,098 for diesel and 0.579 for gpl. The March 28 the cost was higher: 1.054 euros per liter for gasoline, 1.155 for diesel and 0.590 for LPG: we’re talking about 6 cents less per week for petrol, 5 for diesel and 1 for LPG.

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But if we go back to March 21 The difference is smallerIn that week, the net cost of gasoline was €1.023 per liter, €1.124 for diesel, and €0.571 for LPG. So from March 21 to April 4 the net cost decreased by 3 cents for gasoline and diesel and increased by 1 cent per liter for LPG. But compared to March 14, the proportions are greater.

However, it is enough to go back a month to see how much the net fuel increase is: On March 7, the price of gasoline was 0.872 euros Per liter diesel 0.882 and LPG 0.552. On February 28, these values ​​\u200b\u200bare even lower: it is no coincidence that today the total price, also taking into account the reduction in production fees, still stands Similar to it on February 28 For gasoline and even higher for diesel.

Was the price of gasoline only reduced thanks to the reduction in production fees?

Fuel price at the distributor It fell sharply after the excise duty cut by the government. But what is the real difference in prices between the days before it came into effect and today? From March 21 to April 4 Total cost of Gasoline was down 34.5 cents a literthat’s from 33.5 cent diesel.

Reduction in production fees (and the part of the value-added tax relating to excise duties) introduced by the government reduces the price of fuel by 30.5 cents: so it is clear that the cost has fallen more, albeit slightly, and that the price of petrol and diesel is lower independently by cutting taxes.

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It is equally clear that the reduction in cost to the distributor is largely (almost all) About the reduction in production fees It is required of the Executive and that if state intervention is not confirmed as of April 21, prices will return to values ​​not far from those they were a month ago. A separate chapter is worth gpl: The cost fell by about 5 cents from March 21 to April 4, which is half what was expected. The reduction in excise duties, in this case, had a smaller effect than expected.

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