Chiara Ferragni, Silvagia Lucarelli slams her over the ’cause’ bathrobe in hotels: ‘It’s a crime’

Chiara Ferragni, Silvagia Lucarelli slams her over the ’cause’ bathrobe in hotels: ‘It’s a crime’

On social media, the distinction between fact and fiction is poor, and it happens that some sayings are made with a guilty light. This is what happened to Chiara Ferragniwho a few days ago confessed in a video on TikTok to stealing bathrobes subordinate Hotels.

Tommaso Zorzi, a fan of him, points to Kiss: “In addition to being superficial, you are executioners.”

Chiara Ferragni admits to stealing a bathrobe from hotels and Selvagia Lucarelli attacks her: ‘It’s a crime’

“People who steal their hotel bathrobe as a souvenir. Guilty,” the influencer admits, while the voiceover sarcastically comments, “This is embarrassing.” The clip has not gone unnoticed before Wild Lucarelliwho denounced the behavior on Instagram, and considered it law A a crime.

“Someone explained to Chiara Ferragni, who decries illegality in Milan, that taking home hotel linen is not foolishness to make content on TikTok. It is a crime. Hotel owners incur expenses, they are not gifts or things to be disposed of ”the journalist, who is always careful about reporting wrongdoing, whether by taxi drivers who refuse to use points of sale or influencers who pass on unhappy messages.

Fearing the impact of imitation among the followers of the digital entrepreneur, Silvagia Lucarelli adds: “What may seem to guests a pleasant, innocent gesture, something stupid is, in fact, by law a crime. The embezzlement of hotel property is considered theft for all intents and purposes, a crime punishable by imprisonment from Six months to three years and a fine ranging from 154 euros to 516 euros.”

It does not matter whether Chiara Ferragni’s confession is true or not, the message for the journalist is the wrong one. Lucarelli stresses that removing and declassifying the theft as a teenage stunt sets a risky precedent with unforeseen consequences.

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