Jerry Scotty’s Sudden Tragedy: “I Love You Everyone”

Jerry Scotty’s Sudden Tragedy: “I Love You Everyone”

Jerry Scotti is one of the most beloved Italian TV hosts by the public. He has years of experience behind him and continues to work in the world of entertainment, in the last few hours the man made a sad announcement on social media.

Jerry ScottyNick name Virginia Scottione of the most beloved Italian TV presenters, originally from Miradouro Terme. today 66 years old But his career continues, he is highly sought after by the public and loved by everyone who follows his TV shows. He has literally managed to enter the hearts and living rooms of the spectators who watch him through the screens.

Jerry Scotty – Passion for Technology

Jerry began his career – which would prove to be a brilliant one – as a conductor in the first half of the 1980s, conducting alongside the greatest conductors of the period, friend and colleague of Panariello, Conti and other conductors of the same generation. The man has passed today 8300 between talent shows, competition shows, etc.

Scotty has shown an interest in politics since he was young: belonging to the Italian Socialist Party. In particular, in the general election to 1987 He was a candidate at the Milan College V.I Parliament in files Italian Socialist PartySince then, she has continued to pursue political issues without interfering with her career in show business.

Jerry Scotty is known as a great guy with a soft heart, because he bonds easily with his colleagues and friends, loves spending time with them and giving advice. Unfortunately in the last few hours the conductor has given up Very sad news to his fans.

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Jerry’s farewell to Jack

Jerry Scotty posted a photo on Instagram with a man many of us will recognize. Around Giacomo ZubiHe. She general warmer From mediaset. Jerry and James, also called “jack“, along with for a long time and many broadcastfrom the time of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” to me “free fall “.

Instagram post by Gerry Scotti – Passion for technology

“Goodbye Jack, 20 years of work together, always smiling, always on point. We all loved you, we will miss you.” Remembering the man and the friend, Jerry wrote, posting a picture showing the two of them side by side and happy. Jerry’s greetings are joined by many well-known personalities from Mediaset. All who have worked with Giacomo Zoppi on various programs from home, among which we read the director’s comments Giancarlo Giovalli : “The spirit of our crowd, the joy of our studios. He was a friend and a good person. We will miss him very much.”

also Barbara D’Urso Comment below Gerry’s post:“I cannot express well what I felt when I heard the news… I can’t believe it… The other day, as always, you met me in the corridor and with your ringing voice and smile I said: ‘Hi Barbara! …’ Hi Jack !”… And I gave you a kiss. Years and years and years of living together. (…) I know you really loved me and I really loved you. Hi Jack, Fred Jack.”

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