Italy brothers, Meloni vs Peppa Pig episode with two mothers

Italy brothers, Meloni vs Peppa Pig episode with two mothers

Sometimes an election campaign takes completely unexpected turns. He ends up talking about the cartoon in a serious way that makes it a bulwark of his communication. how did Italy brothersone of the parties most launched in the race for elections on September 25 that could express the first female prime minister in Italian history: Giorgia Meloni (As we explained here).

After the heated debate about “Deviations” (We talked about it here), Federico Mullicondirector of culture at the FdI and candidate at Lazio 1-01 MCI, launched a feud against an episode of the famous cartoon peppa pigHe even asks Rai not to broadcast it.

Italy brothers vs Peppa Pig: why

You were also supposed to point your finger at the animated show starring the Pink Pig, baby darling Pro Vita Famiglia Onlus. the reason? Attending an episode family with two mothers, proudly presented by the character. FdI alarm went off for Looking forward to the episode in Great Britain.

The choice of authors is not acceptable To insert a character with two mothers LesbiansMollicone thundered.” Once again, the politically correct hit and It is our children who are paying the price. But can children not just be children? We ask Rai, who buys the rights to the Peppa Pig series in Italy under the law of all Italians, not to broadcast the episode in question on any channel or web platform.”

The Pro Vita Association protest was also filed following the same text. Even with the support of launch Online petition in which Rai was ordered not to broadcast ‘gay cartoons for children’and defining “It is intolerable to use cartoons in LBTQIA+ sauce to influence the mind of ‘children’ and normalize attitudes based on gender ideology.”

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Speech by Georgia Meloni

He has also expressed himself against cartoons and in defense of the traditional family Georgia Meloni. “Peppa Pig is a cartoon they watch on average Three years. These are things families have to deal with. That’s what I’ve always been thinking about and that’s what I’m still thinking about. Unlike that You risk wanting to impose notions that it’s a bit too early to metabolize them. There is no famous phobia that some believe.”

Other parties’ reactions

It is clear that the response of the political opponents of the FdI did not take long, with center left. Alessandro Zang He responds using irony, noting that Meloni’s party has discovered a new opponent, “a new enemy besieging the nation: Peppa Pig.” drenched in ridicule too reaction + europe, who quotes the Communist Party manifesto and sees in British cartoons a “phantom roaming Italy”, exposing “the country is in danger”. He adds to the potion: “Who knows what will happen when the brothers of Italy learn this Families of the same parents exist not only in cartoons, but in reality“.

He instead declares that “rainbow families exist, and that all rights must be recognized.” Nicolas Fratoiani From the Green Left Alliance, “The Right has to come to terms with it.” And in this case, sarcasm also occurs: “I propose to Meloni de Eliminate Qui Quo Qua, the three grandchildren who grew up with Donald Duck. Or Masha, who grew up with BearThe picture is complemented by the question, always ironic, addressed to Giorgia Meloni by Secretary Diem. Enrico Letta: “But then Peppa Pig should be censored and the video of the raped woman in Piacenza Without Borders should be re-launched?”.

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