Can Yaman and the attack in Civita Castellana, insult to the merchant he reported: “He sells disgusting things”

crimes h insultsCome here socialFor the businessman who reported on the Turkish actor Yaman canis accused of attacking her – verbally, and possibly kicking those who tried to stop him – because the music was too loud in the store, which would have led to Deranged the It has been resumed from Fantasy “Purple like the sea”between Monday and Thursday heading to Civita Castellana. This while I carabinieri They might do that FeelIn the next few days, some witnesses Who witnessed the scene, and in the background, it is circulating online again Episodes Subordinate past Yemen is like a colleague who was going to report him because after a quarrel he would ask them Launched on Boiled tea.

“He attacked me”

Barbara Neelyin it complaint To the Carabinieri of Civita Castellana, he said that «Hey, man He entered the store like Extreme angerFirst, they had to catch her in fours, he said Turn off the music Then shoot Kicks». It was initially said against the door, but then details were added that the kick would have instead reached one of the group’s workers who was holding Yaman back. In one case or another, what Ms. Neely wanted to write in black and white in her complaint was that she was afraid. «He attacked me“, he also repeated to his lawyer, Giuseppe Romano from the Lecce court: “The Carabinieri police – explains the lawyer – can already hear witnesses from tomorrow, and some names have been provided, and these are people, including merchants, who witnessed the scene of the accident that further On it, signed in the box, thus with Many potential witnesses Present.” Piazza Matteotti, Group Theater and discontent From each other Shop owners Who, like Barbara Neely, met between Monday and Thursday, specifically to allow the filming of the drama that will be broadcast on Canale 5. Road closures Indirectly, activity due to traffic restrictions.

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Crimes on social media

The fact is that now, after the complaint, nothing further is said at Civita Castellana, while Mme Barbara He was Targeted on socialAnd also a fan of the Turkish actor: “Congratulations indeed on your respectful behavior towards the work of others – Paula accuses her on Instagram -.” She was asked several times to turn down the music volume, politely, but she did nothing, obviously she wanted to start all this fighting.” Another fan, Federica, wrote: “If he needs 5… Minutes of fame He can do this without tarnishing the name of “noble” people, honest and pure in heart. Then many other comments much more violent“With the cigarette between your fingers – Manuela comments on the photos of the shopkeeper – apart from the fact that you cannot smoke in shops, you know that It smells like smoke They will have those clothes“. And Mima again: «He sells Mashed potatoes Gross stuff». “Things,” Christina answers Used markets». Below they insist: “Dear lady, are things going bad? He wants to make some money by hosting talk shows.” Or: “Ma’am, you must first learn education and respect the work of others; according to Remember that bad It could have been before or after counting». Finally, Maddalena: “There are other ways to advertise, and this is the least appropriate, as it will not lead to anything, but perhaps to negative publicity.”

Episodes from the past

“these Sorry comments Also a lot because some are related to his business activity – says the lawyer – Of course my client did not make anything up. Maybe, in addition witnessesThere are also some cameras Bet on the square that could be advantageous.” The lawyer will also ask to check if there are any Similar complaints It was said in the past in the newspapers, like so – from 2016 – Which was to be presented by Yaman’s colleague Alactress Celine Sweder, For another tantrum: A Boiled tea That he was going to throw it at her on.

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From tomorrow closures in Monterotondo

todayMeanwhile, other closures and Determinants Filming of the series was announced by Civil Protection Municipality of Monterotondo: Under specific law, parking and movement are expected to be prohibited between Monday 11 and Wednesday 13 September.

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