Gasoline bonus, distributed to everyone from September 12: finally fun

Gasoline bonus, distributed to everyone from September 12: finally fun

From September 12, the fuel bonus arrives, you can save immediately with this help that is provided to lend a helping hand to citizens in such a difficult time.

Fuel Bonus –

Fuel costs have skyrocketed, and fresh air has finally reached motorists who can’t wait to collect their petrol bonus, which can be requested from September 12. Let’s find out how this bonus works and who it is for.

More and more expensive fuel, the trick to save money

With the increase in the costs of gas and electricity, and with the increase also in the expenses of daily life, the situation of Italians is becoming more and more tragic. To make matters worse is Also the cost of fuelboth gasoline and diesel, which continues to grow more and more, also due to the fact that oil-producing countries have cut production.

So what do motorists have to do, do they have to stop? It is impossible, those who have to go to work and move cannot. still Trick to spend less On fuel costs there, even if many drivers are not aware of this.

It is located around nologo . pumps, that is, unbranded, the so-called white pumps, which are not part of the IOCs and charge lower prices. Another trick to save money is You have an efficient carthat does not waste fuel. In the end, Driving a car without sudden acceleration Saves fuel.

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How to get the bonus from 12th September

The reward to be given to Starting September 12th Valid up to 30 days after that, through the tax agency portal. Customs and monopoly. The savings in the cost of fuel consist of a tax credit of 28% that can be requested by freight carriers on behalf of third parties, whose operational headquarters or stable organization is located in Italy.

Thus, this category of workers will be able to get compensation for expenses incurred between January and March 2022 to work with their means. Moreover, the contribution can be combined with other privileges belonging to the same category, but only if it is used as compensation in the F24 form.


To claim the reward, you will need to enter private platform And the Authentication with Spid Or with an electronic identity card to fill out and send the form.

Employees are also entitled to a fuel bonus of up to max 200 EUR, which will be disbursed by the employer in the salary slip and are tax deductible. There are no requirements or income limits to access this feature.

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