IB3 News | “Nua”, “Bad Moon” and “La Carn” are shown in the first edition of Teatre Social de Palma

IB3 News |  “Nua”, “Bad Moon” and “La Carn” are shown in the first edition of Teatre Social de Palma

It will be shown in Xesc Forteza and Mar i Terra theaters during March and April

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“NUA”, “Bad Moon” and “La Carn” are the three works that will fill Palma's municipal theaters with contemplation starting this weekend in the first edition of the Social Theater series.

“NUA (Natural X-Ray)”The film, written by Anne Perrillo, can be seen at the Xesc Forteza Theater on March 23 and 24. Treats eating disorders and aesthetic stress. This will be the last chance to see the work in Mallorca.

Behavioral disorders and mental health go hand in hand “bad moon”, directed by Hector Siwan, scheduled for April 5, 6 and 7 at the Mari Terra Municipal Theater. She is the winner of the recent performing arts award of the city of Palma “Margaloz”.

He also comes with a trophy under his arm “Meat”Written by Luis Jarau. It was awarded at the Dublin Theater Festival. It deals with pornography and relationships in the age of the Internet. It will be at the Mar i Terra Theater on April 26.

The social theater course program is completed by Social therapeutic theater workshop Free, which will be held at the Mar i Terra Theater from April 3 to 18. It will be taught by actress Asun Planas and is aimed at people over 14 years old. There will also be one at sea and land Clown initiation course Every Friday and Saturday from April 12 to June 1. It will be presented by Javier Tubert and Dhay Longy and is intended for audiences between the ages of 12 and 30.

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