What happened in Milan Fashion Week? The video goes viral on TikTok

What happened in Milan Fashion Week?  The video goes viral on TikTok

Claire Feragny And muniskinsFashion and rock music that meet. there Milan Fashion Week Giving them the chance to meet, but not just… because the band members found themselves sitting next to the digital entrepreneur during a fashion show Gucci.

A series of photos taken by the fashion show attendees fueled a string of vitriolic comments on the web. In fact, some have noticed an expression Claire Feragny I’m not entirely happy that Maneskins was released during the show.

Valentina Ferragni attacks the haters: “There is not an inch of skin that hasn’t criticized me”

Chiara Ferragni rediscovers Faith (z) and Smile: the images that cornered the crisis

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, goodbye crisis? Bid photo side by side after two weeks of silence

“Kiara is clearly upset, she can’t take it anymore,” read the comments below the video that went viral. Tik Tok. The video captures the moment during the event Thomas Rice And Victoria DeAngeles They started dancing following the beat of the music while the fashion house’s fashion show was in progress.

However, it wasto express by Chiara Ferragni. The digital entrepreneur doesn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm as the two members of the band, on the contrary, they only think of having fun. Unleash them and annoy her. The video became a funny image that many shared on social networks, emphasizing Feragni’s unhappy and detached expression.

Manskin show in Turin

Manskin bomb exploded last night in Alpitour shovel to Turin. «I do not want to sleep» The long-awaited second stage opened in Italy «Noisy tour for children»after the new album «Accelerates». The chant sounds like an alarm in front of more than 13,000 people who have been waiting for the Romanian division for days. In a “politically incorrect” victory, Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan dragged Turenne to «gossip»which confuses the crowd with an irrepressible rhythm «Shut up and good»a piece they won the Sanremo Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest two years ago.

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@employee Feelings or nothing at Guccitherealmaneskinchiaraferragni front energy. #manskin #retweet # scarf ♬ original sound – Tamu McPherson

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