“Disarming Science and Creating a Force for Peace”. Francis’ speech at the Academy of Sciences. He thanked Sorondo who left to let the others judge

“Disarming Science and Creating a Force for Peace”.  Francis’ speech at the Academy of Sciences.  He thanked Sorondo who left to let the others judge

“After the two tragic World Wars, the world seemed to have gradually learned to progress towards respect for human rights, international law and various forms of cooperation. Unfortunately, history shows signs of regression.” This is the bitter remark of Pope Francis in his meeting with members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. “Not only The intensification of outdated conflicts – as Bergoglio denounced to scholars – but re-emerging closed, angry and aggressive nationalities, as well as new wars of domination affecting civilians, the elderly, children and the sick, and wreaking havoc everywhere.

The Pope said it was necessary to mobilize all knowledge based on science and experience to overcome misery, poverty and new slavery and to avoid wars. By rejecting some research, inevitably directed, in concrete historical circumstances, with the purpose of death, scholars around the world can unite in a common desire to disarm science and form a force for peace.”

According to Pope Francis, “The scientific achievements of this century must always be guided by the needs of fraternity, justice and peace, helping to solve the great challenges of humanity and its habitat.”

In his speech, the Pope denounced forced labour, prostitution and organ trafficking, describing them as “crimes against humanity, accompanied by poverty, that also occur in developed countries, in our cities.” “The human body – repeat – can never, either in part or in whole, be an object of trade!”. The pontiff encourages academics to “work for truth, freedom, dialogue, justice and peace:” Today more than ever the Catholic Church is allied with scholars who follow this inspiration.

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“The Church – reaffirmed by the Pope – shares and promotes a passion for scientific inquiry as an expression of love for truth, knowledge of the world, the universe large and small, and life in the symphony of its immense forms.”

Today’s audience was an occasion for Pope Francis to express his “gratitude to Monsignor. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, who has often worked as an advisor in the service of
This Academy and the Academy of Social Sciences. May the Lord reward him and fill him with blessings. We wish him the best on his 80th birthday and happy retirement time! And let others rule. Come on, brave! “.

As is known, Cardinal Peter Turkson takes over from Sorondo when he was Vice-Chancellor Mgr. Dario e Vigano.

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