Inter sold to the Pif Fund for a billion dollars: announcement in the coming days

Exciting indiscretion gives an emphatic agreement with Suning: “The main reason is financial problems. Inter will become the richest team in the world “

Exciting news shakes the 2021 final: Pif box is ready to buy Inter from Zhang family. Suning will leave majority stakes for the Saudi fund ready to split €1 billion to acquire the Nerazzurri club. Everything will be achieved already in the next few days when the legal procedures are over, reaching the company’s headquarters in Milan. It was to reveal l’International Business Times, a reliable online newspaper based in New York which also highlighted many details.

A thunderbolt of blue comes within hours of another news that has already stirred up Nerazzurri spirits, with Suning Chairman Zhang Jindong announcing Debt stability and a slow but gradual exit from the toughest financial period ever. Which also means Inter itself’s possible exit from the current economic impasse of self-financing to a bitter end. And now, the sale “bomb” has practically been agreed in detail.

Not an absolute fad, given that The fund has already been contacted several times by the Nerazzurri who have always denied. However, IBTimes states that “An announcement will be made in the coming days, with the Nerazzurri signing expected 1 billion dollars (about 900 million euros) With PIF being the club’s largest shareholder. PIF is one of the largest sovereign wealth funds with nearly $400 billion under management and investments in 13 sectors“.”The main reason behind selling the team is financial difficulty – Newspaper continues – It is known that the Chinese owners, Suning Holdings Group which acquired the football club in June 2016, are actively looking for an investor to join them from 2019 to absorb some of the pressure.“.

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A pressure that Pif could bear without any difficulty by relaunching the Nerazzurri’s ambitions at the economic level, forgetting the sacrifices made – detailed by IBTimes – by abandoning heroes of the caliber of Hakimi and Lukaku, not forgetting Antonio Conte: “”Saudi Arabia’s takeover of the Nerazzurri, One of the most famous clubs in the world, it is the second largest football club acquisition of PIF after Newcastle United (Premier League) which was completed in October 2021.

But there will be more, because with the entry of the Bev, Inter will become the richest club in the world: “Simply put, the Public Investment Fund benefits from The huge cash generated by oil revenuesTo diversify the Saudi economy away from hydrocarbons and invest in sports, tourism, entertainment and more. This was unimaginable before Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman took power in 2017, and as soon as this acquisition was announced, Inter will become the richest team in the world

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