The wonderful trip. Between science and philosophy

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Trento. The exhibition begins with a question: How does philosophy appear? The answer is an immersive and exciting tour ofThe wonderful trip. Between science and philosophy‘, which develops room after room and invites you to explore the gallery in the same spirit in which you would read the chapters of a good book.

The Palazzo delle Albere in Trento is not a gallery like all the others, In fact, it may not even be a real exhibition: it is a journey into knowledge. An immersive experience between words, images, music and lights to explore the relationship between science and philosophy.

Signed by the philosopher and the Speaker of Parliament Meditation Stefano Zecchi New Gallery – which can be visited at Palazzo delle Albere until 5 June 2022 – and thus a tribute to one of the most fascinating “specialties” of all time. Since 2002, UNESCO has preserved the philosophy World Heritage

The exhibition path that accompanies the visitor on a pleasant journey Through the centuries, from classical myth to contemporary science, from Plato to Stephen Hawking, following the red thread that connects science to philosophy. A journey through time where beauty and love return as an eternal invitation to reflect on the meaning of human life.

Exciting words, pictures, music, lights, sounds and installations: a theatrical performance as a complete work, designed and built in lightness and transparency through scenography, curated by the architect Silvio de Ponte, in harmony with the theatrical stage, and projected into the rooms that develops along the path of the exhibition.

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Visitors are guided by the theme of the scriptWritten by Beatrice Mosca on a topic by Stefano Zecchi, which weaves the plot of a journey of human knowledge into the meaning of love and beauty.

There is also an educational area on the ground floor of Palazzo delle Albere An in-depth study with touch screens and video screens, available to school groups and visitors who wish to learn more about exhibition topics.

A journey in 8 chapters, there are actually eight “chapters” along which the course of the exhibition develops…or better, seven chapters, preceded by “Proemio”, helping visitors to immerse themselves in the theme of the exhibition.

We start from legend and from Ulysses, who set out among the first on a journey in search of knowledge. From myth we turn to Logos, which sees Plato and Aristotle as the heroes of the novel, masters of Greek philosophy. The journey continues through time to reach theology. Here the visitor receives a star-studded vault that lights up the Night of Faith.

Thus we come to the fifteenth century, withhumanity. In this class as in dance, science, philosophy, and poetry coincide with the steps of exchange. reach to Modern scienceGalileo Galilei, Descartes and Christina of Sweden and Isaac Newton entered the scene.

The sixth chapter is devoted to the universe and contemporary science, Where we find the basic questions of our time, between science and philosophy. The thought of Kant, Hegel, Hauserl and Heidegger, as well as the imaginative dialogue between Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

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The exhibition Palazzo delle Albere ends with the last section dedicated to place and time. In this room, a vortex of galaxies envelops the visitor, while the words of Friedrich Nietzsche echo: “All things go back to eternity and we are with them, and we have already passed through eternal times and all things are with us.”

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey towards knowledge?

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